FITposium 2016 EventWe are just a few weeks post our second annual FITposium event which was held for nearly 160 professionals in the health and fitness industry. We had a variety of presenters including Lori Harder, Jessie Hilgenberg, Bret Contreras, Dave Dreas and more. We were fortunate to have a bevy of sponsors including Quest Nutrition, Amanda Louise Luxury Swimwear, Global Fitness Creative, A Glow Mobile Tanning, Affitnity and more. We were thrilled to have so many magazine partners casting for models such as Max Sports & Fitness Magazine (booked two cover models and several interior features), Scottsdale Health Magazine (booked three interior features), Natural Muscle Magazine (book an interior feature), Fitness Magazine (booked three models), Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine (booked an interior feature), Inside Fitness Women Magazine (booked a workout feature) and more.

The FITposium team started preparation for the 2017 conference the very next day working to coordinate speakers, venue, and format for the annual event.

We also have some very big announcements happening for the FITposium brand to be announced in early 2017.

However, in the interim, we are measuring the success of the FITposium 2016 event based upon how the community does moving forward. We want to see the attendees launch their ventures, pursue the passions, overcome their obstacles and earn their own success.

It is not enough for our team to continue holding these events. We will be watching to ensure that our community is using the information we share.

Stay tuned for future FITposium announcements on our social media channels ( and Instagram @FITposium as well as our website

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this event possible.

James Patrick & Amber Blom
FITposium Founder & FITposium Chair /
IG @jpatrickphoto @fitposium