Elena’s life adventure began when she decided to move from Russia to United States to pursue her career when she was still a teenager. Despite the language barrier, the difficulties of social and cultural adjustment and integration, Elena never lost her focus on achieving her goal. She has accomplished a lot since 1996 when she arrived in the US. The goals she has for herself continue to evolve, just as she has in her career. Today Elena is a successful NASM certified personal trainer and a Founder of FitnessInBalance in Scottsdale Arizona. In addition to being a trainer, Elena is also a fitness competitor and a model. Elena considers herself a very fortunate individual because she is very passionate about what she does, and she is a great role model and inspirations for others.

“I am very proud and excited about Diversity Shoot project with James Patrick. I think it’s a great way to show everybody our cultures’ beauty. That’s one thing that simply cannot get lost in translation. And talented Mr. JP did an incredible job capturing the beauty of Russian, American and Asian cultures on the picture. Special thanks to videographer Max Anderson for capturing our special moments during the shoot on the video. And of course, Gyda and Shandi… I love working with them. They are gorgeous and intelligent ladies who are true professionals.”