Jaime Michelle

Jaime Michelle is one of those talents with constant positive energy and drive. We first had the opportunity to work together in 2011 and have continued with several various photo projects since. With her launch of a new fitness project I wanted to take the chance to chat with her about her experience in the fitness modeling industry as well as the launch and marketing of her program.

James Patrick: Jaime, let’s start around the time we first met. You were just beginning to explore the world of fitness modeling. This is after of course playing collegiate basketball and doing a Figure competition after having two children. What drew you to being in front of the camera?
Jaime Michelle: It wasn’t so much that I was drawn to being in front of the camera, but I was drawn to wanting to inspire other people the same way I was inspired: looking at pictures online and in magazines.  My ideas for inspiring others were very narrow at the time, and this was the only way I knew how to inspire and motivate at that time.

JP: How did your experiences of being on camera, attempting to develop your portfolio and learning about the industry meet, or not meet, your expectations?
JM: I didn’t have too many expectations for being in front of the camera, but I did have nerves!  It was nerve wracking at first, but I quickly learned how fun it was and how important it was to just be myself and relax.  As far as the industry, I was pleasantly surprised with the “real” people I met, who I had admired in magazines and online.  They were people too, just like me, and this gave me added confidence moving forward because after all, why couldn’t I do what they were doing?  Additionally, one of the biggest “aha” moments was learning that there is very little money made solely on having your pictures published in magazines.  It was then that I realized I wanted to do something bigger, and touch more lives in different ways.

JP: What were some of the catalysts that lead you to think about creating revenue streams outside of what most consider a “model” doing?
JM: A little over a year ago, October 2011, I attended FMI (Fitness Model International). When I arrived at FMI, I had goals and dreams of being a Published Fitness Model, gracing the pages of the magazines (along with hundreds of thousands of other hopefuls). When I left FMI, my head was spinning from all the valuable information I had received over the 5 day period. I couldn’t wait to get home to start my “to do” list and put things into action.  I had never thought of myself as a business or an entrepreneur, until I left that conference.  My mind and my thoughts have never been the same.

JP: Share with us what your 6-Week Program is all about.
JM: My 6 Week At Home Strength Program is something that I am very proud of and so excited to offer people.  The great thing about the program is that it is designed for everyone in mind (beginner, intermediate or advanced), and a gym membership is not necessary.  For this reason, it is perfect for those people who are strapped for time and money, but who are motivated to reach their health and fitness goals.  The program includes 6 weeks of circuit training workouts, YouTube videos demonstrating each exercise with modifications, 6 weeks of suggested meals, food tips and guidelines, a grocery shopping list, and ongoing motivation and support from yours truly. The workouts are no more than thirty minutes at a time, and the only pieces of equipment required are dumbbells and a standard household chair. People often ask me to write them a workout or to help them tone up, so now I can offer this to so many more people!!

JP: What are the ways in which you are marketing your
JM: I am still in the “soft launch” phase since my website is currently under construction.  What that means is that I have been utilizing Facebook to get the word out primarily, but also Twitter, Instagram and word of mouth.  I couldn’t be happier with the response I have received, so as you can imagine, I am eager to get my website up and going to take it to the next level.

JP: Thus far, what are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned as a talent on, and off, the camera?
JM: First and foremost:  This goes for on and off the camera, Be TRUE to who I am and know my brand!  I don’t try to be anyone else, pretend I am something I am not, or represent something that does not match my brand.  I am a mom, I am a wife, I work in Public Education and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t forget these things, nor do I want to.  I represent my myself, my family and friends with the work I do, and I would never want to dishonor them or myself.  Every decision I make, I have to feel 100% confident that I am staying true to me.

The second biggest lesson that I have learned, is when running my business or offering my services, I have the utmost integrity for the people I work with, and do good by them.  When I do good, and I feel good about my product(s) or services, good things will come.

JP: Looking back on all you’ve done in a relatively short period of time, what advice could you give to others looking to chart their own path in the fitness and talent industries?
JM: I would encourage others to follow their passion and do what is in their heart.  Be consistent, stick with it and exhaust all opportunities.  See opportunities with everything in life.  Surround yourself with GOOD, positive, smart people who have your best interest in mind.  Do your research, and look to those who have been successful and have respect in the industry.  Lastly, ALWAYS be professional in any relationship and any interaction you have whether it be on a business or personal level.

JP: Lastly, what new projects can we expect to see from you?
JM: Of course, the launch of my website in the next few weeks (finger’s crossed) and my 6 Week At Home Strength Program, but also continuing to build my Strength Camps that I teach, and continue to mentor those around me.  I constantly have ideas swirling in my mind, that I can’t wait to put in to action, but I want to do each project very well, then move on to the next.  Stay tuned for exciting things in 2013!

Thanks so much to Jaime for being a part of this feature. Be sure to check our her Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/jaimemichellefit and her website which should launch soon at www.jaimemichellefitness.com You can follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/jmichellefitnes or on Instagram: jmichellefitnes (yes, there is only one S on the end of twitter and instagram)