“Don’t mistake activity with achievement.” – John Wooden

We, as entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, micropreneurs and so on, run the ever present and extremely dangerous risk of being lost in endless piles of being busy but not ever achieving anything.

It is continuing to shoot images for a portfolio that are never shown to a client.

It is spending time finding a photo that a few thousand other people have already tweeted to put on your own Twitter feed instead of developing something personal and salient for the audience.

It is developing the new website which hasn’t been released for the past two years and stays offline in production.

It is clicking on the Facebook home page, then clicking on your personal page, then clicking back on the home page, then clicking back on your personal page, then clicking back on the home page, back to the personal page, jumping over to a new page, back to the home page, back to your personal page – then to change things up it is hitting refresh on your page, then back to the home page. (The same can be said for refreshing your Twitter feed and refreshing to see how many new Instagram likes you got within under two minutes of when you last checked).

It is reading countless business books but never putting anything into practice.

It is making endless notes but never connecting with someone.

Reading this blog, however, is not a waste of time! But now that you have reached the end of it… what honestly will you be achieving today? Make a list. Focus on finishing that list. Then you can check your social media status.

James Patrick
Twitter @jpphotography
Instagram @jpatrickphoto