In doing a favor for a friend, I recently attended a seminar which (much to my chagrin) ended up being a pyramid marketing company pitch. As I’m sitting in this room, I take the opportunity to look over and study the more than 50 attendees that were essentially drooling in desperation for a quick and easy “fix” to their professional life.

The speaker asked out to the crowd “wouldn’t you love it if you could spend more time with you family, have more disposable income, take more trips together?” and so on. Each question was met with a roaring agreement and applause.

However I remained quiet in thought. How did this entire room of people grow to hate their jobs? The place where they spend most of their professional lives.

I can’t imagine that anyone in the room was forced into their career path. They never had a gun to their head and forced to take a job, working it day after day.

No. Instead, each of these people made the choice to be in the profession they were so anxious to flee from. The irony is that they simply were fleeing from being a replaceable piece in one system to signing up, spending money – only to be a replaceable piece in another system.

Perhaps the better choice instead would be to forge a path of passion. To avoid being a piece in someone else’s system. To create your own system. To wake up every single day and do work that they care about and love. To do something they find value in.

Just this morning I had a conversation with another friend and colleague who had come up with a pretty great idea. After some discussion back and forth on how to best perform this idea they are already in the works of launching it. They chose to create; not to try and fit into a system. They chose to do something they were passionate about. They choice to do what they love.