As you develop your portfolio you serve the role of the client. You hire the photographer or photographers, the makeup artist and possibly even the stylists to work with you in crafting the images you need for your portfolio.

You are essentially the boss and as such you are typically able to defer to the professionals for help with your posing or looks as it is your best opportunity to get your on-camera experience. To get comfortable knowing what works for you, how to pose and how to exude the right emotions on set. The more opportunity you have to do this, the more of your on-camera presence and ability grows.

However; when you are booked for a job the roles are slightly different. You are now in the role of the talent and it is your opportunity to showcase and prove why you were hired for the gig.

Regardless of whether it is for a magazine or a commercial shoot – you are cast both for your looks, but also for your presumed on-camera abilities.

Use the shoots you have now to grow that experience and comfort so that when the call does come for the work – you are prepared to execute it beautifully.

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto