To all my clients, colleagues, friends and followers; I am excited to share with you my first ever self-published manifesto entitled Developing Your Personal Brand as a Modeling Talent.

This guide is all about what you need to know to understand what defines your personal brand, how to take control of it, and how to refine it to best suit you for leverage in your future success.

I personally offer this e-book to you all completely FOR FREE in hopes that you are able to not only enjoy it, but take something valuable from it and put it go great use.


The information contained in the manifesto are for those modeling talents, new or seasoned, who are looking to develop the groundwork to get their brand noticed by their target audience.

What you can expect to learn:
• How to overcome fear holding you back from pursuing your goals
• How to evaluate yourself and your brand
• How to craft the right goals for yourself
• What the four facets of what defines a successful brand are
• Simple-to-learn techniques to develop these facets in your journey

If you like the manifesto and are able to benefit from it, I simply ask that you help spread the word about it as well as my blog. Also I hope you can share your thoughts on the e-book in the comment section below.

Thank you sincerely for taking the opportunity to check it out!

James Patrick
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