Troon Golf connected with James Patrick Photography to create a series of new visual images to represent one of the Scottsdale-based country clubs it manages, and to use for their marketing needs. It was important that the photos displayed what the club’s “experience” is to help separate it from competitors and avoid a stock photography look. Thus an emphasis was put on using real club members in the photo shoot and highlighting all the unique aspects and characteristics of the club in the shots. Prior to the photo shoot there was a detailed planning process and brainstorming for the project. The day of the shoot ran from sunrise to sunset as the team worked quickly and efficiently to capture the required images as well as some additional value added photographs. Beyond photography, the James Patrick Photography team also provided location scouting, on-set styling, post production services and creative storyboarding for this project.

troon-group“James and his team worked with us on creatively brainstorming for our shoot, conducted a thorough scout of the location, and kept in touch as the date approached to be sure we had all the information we needed to be fully prepared. On the day of the shoot, he and his team were right on time, and not only delivered everything that was promised, they went above and beyond what had been planned. It was a 12-hour day, and we moved fast – and there was not one moment of distress shown by James or his crew. They conducted themselves with professionalism, were respectful of the surroundings, and were gracious and friendly with our ‘real people’ models. We have been so pleased with the final results and I highly recommend James Patrick to anyone seeking a photographer who gets the big picture.”

– Julia Kelly, Director of Membership Marketing, Troon Privé, Private Clubs of Distinction