Scott's Training Systems

The James Patrick Photography (JPP) team has worked closely with Scott Keppel, owner of the gym and personal training studio Scott’s Training Systems (STS), and his staff for several years providing a wide gamut of creative services. These have included portraits of STS personal trainers, event and guest photography during the opening of their new location, sponsoring STS-affiliated charity events, photographing commercial advertising campaigns as well as images of both site and signage for marketing purposes.

A large portion of STS clients are competitive fitness talents that have interests in pursuing both print and commercial modeling opportunities. Seeking to add value to the STS experience, the JPP team regularly schedules photo shoots at the gym location, setting up a full photo studio and providing on-set styling and posing coaching while the talents have their portfolios photographed. Going even further, many of the talents worked with are then pitched for media and advertising opportunities.

The variety of projects between STS and JPP represents more than simple line items on an invoice. They are instead about value-added opportunities and developing memorable experiences not only for Scott and his staff, but for their growing list of clients. It is about establishing differentiators and helping shape the unique benefits they offer.

“Working with James has been a great experience. His professionalism and artistic eye have enabled me to refer a number of my clients to him for photos that have been published in both national and local media. This in turn has helped our business by more people seeing our results as well as clients of ours that are looking to get in magazines realize we have a great photographer that can help make this happen. I train a number of females and I have been leery of referring them to a male photographer in the past, but James ethics and willingness to help others has put my mind at ease.”

– Scott Keppel, Owner, STS