Saturday night I attended the annual ADDY® Award ceremony hosted by the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Over the course of a few hours a plethora of advertising awards were handed out in just about every category imaginable from design collateral to commercials to print campaigns to photography.

That evening I took home my sixth ADDY® Award for photography since 2010. When I got home that night I set it next to the others and tried to go to bed, but had trouble falling asleep.

Restless I walked back into my office and sat at my desk looking at the awards. It was after a few moments of introspect that I realized what the awards truly meant…

That the next morning I was going to be able to wake up and continue to do a job I loved.

That I have a team of unparalleled colleagues and partners working alongside me in a shared vision.

That I have, without contest, the best clients one could ask for. Ones that allow me to grow creatively with them while assisting them in achieving their goals.

And lastly that I have the unrelenting support and love from my dearest friends and family.

It is those things that give me the ability and drive to create projects that could receive the recognition of an award. And at the end of the day, it is those things that honestly are my true award.

Feeling better I finally went to sleep and then woke up the with a new day to begin a new project.

Thank you all.

James Patrick