There was a time when it was ridiculously easy to grow a brand online and find followers to connect with. For those who did it wisely, it was a fat, rich industry.

However, too many abused it. Too many tried to capitalize on it by putting out lazy content, by caring more about the number of followers they had rather than true fans, by taking advantage of the attention of those listening.

Today it is easy for anyone to buy followers, but attention and engagement are impossible to purchase.

Those who successfully grew a brand on Facebook now find it difficult to get any engagement and so many are nor fearing the launch of the new Instagram algorithm will cripple their visibility. Thus the search for the next easy (and free) online channel is on.

We’ve been brainwashed to believe that the best currency we can have is the number of followers we can claim. Yet I see so many with bloated numbers and no business.

The wave we have collectively been riding has finally broken and it has rolled back into the sea leaving us stranded motionless.

We’ve entered into the dark age of mass marketing. The future will not be represented by large numbers. It will involve direct, one-to-one, traditional client relationships marketing. Success will not be measured by the quantity of relationships, but the quality. Love live the new era of marketing.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto