There are those who create noise. They challenge the status quo of the industry they are in. They focus on their passions. dedicating their energy to taking risks and constantly pushing the limits of their vision and abilities. Although they may pause here and there to briefly enjoy their success as it comes, they never dwell for too long before they set out again to make even more noise. They don’t worry about upsetting others who try to stand in their way or slow them down. They focus solely on their craft.

Alternatively you have those who merely spend their time making echos. An echo, while still a sound, is not true noise. It is only a repetition. They only follow in other’s footsteps – repeating only what they see. They attempt to seek out and follow road maps in their career and live exclusively in the world of the status quo. Those who echo may never truly know the rush of taking a risk or attempting to create something new or something that may fail.

So is what you are doing right now an effort to create noise? Or are you reverberating an echo? Those who make true noise are disruptive, sometimes pleasant, sometimes jarring, but always attention grabbing.

James Patrick