This past weekend I had the pleasure of presenting at the SDA National Conference in Charleston. One of my two seminars was on how professionals can craft the story that their personal brand represents.

After about an hour long discussion, I issued a bit of a challenge to those willing to share theirs as part of this blog. The effort serves two functions.

First… it encourages people to invest the time and energy to focus on what their passions and strengths actually are. How they can begin the steps to leverage their unique differentiators while in the service of others.

Second… it allows those who participate to be able to connect with one another. To come to the table together as a community, lay out their respective visions and goals and to be able to support their colleagues in achieving their visions.

I also promised the attendees that I would start with mine. It was not easy for me initially as there were many things I was dividing my time between. There was photography, marketing, public speaking, writing, and so on. For awhile; I didn’t see the connection; just that I enjoyed doing all of these things.

Then it came to me. When I peeled back all of the layers I realized that I was a storyteller. And I had the unique advantage to choose from a bevy of mediums in how to tell my stories. I can assist clients through storytelling in marketing, I can use stories in my speeches, my writings, and photography itself is a great form of visual storytelling that I do on behalf on my clientele.

Thus my goals moving forward are to better tune my art of how I tell stories and even continue to diversify the mediums in which to tell these stories.

Now… I’d love to hear about you and the crafting of your personal brand!