Level up your creative work and career development!

The Photographer’s Marketing Guide


Learn what you need to know on how to successful market your creative services in the new industry landscape!

This digital download is from a live workshop hosted by internationally published photographer James Patrick on how creative professionals can get more clients and increase their revenue.

The download includes more than 2 hours of video tutorials covering:

  • Traditional marketing techniques that still convert
  • Digital marketing to grow a robust client list
  • Successful sales strategies
  • And more!

This course will give you the exact tools, resources and information you need to take your creative business to the next level!

Lighting the Athletic Form


Learn everything you need to create the most dynamic and attention grabbing athletic portraits for your portfolio!

This digital download is of a live workshop hosted by internationally published photographer James Patrick illustrating the various ways to highlight and photograph the athletic form.

James Patrick has photographed for some of the leading sports and fitness magazines in the world including Muscle & Fitness, Golf Magazine, SI, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Running and many more! During this workshop he teachers his entire approach to creating the images that has landed him hundreds of magazines covers and thousands of magazine spreads throughout his career.

The download includes more than 2 hours of video tutorials, including screen capture from the tethered photo shoot, covering:

  • Studio Lighting Set Ups
  • Location Lighting Set Ups
  • Use of Various Light Modifiers
  • Effective Composition¬†
  • and more!

This workshop will take your lighting game to the next level!

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