We are the artists of our own careers…
We can adjust the canvas of our future through focused visioning,
careful planning and purposeful action and accountability!

Who You Are

If you are on this page, then you are someone who works hard but know there is a better path for you and that you deserve more from your effort! You are willing to do the work required, but perhaps you don’t know the specific steps to take to grow your business and your brand. You are someone who has passion, you have dedication, but you want guidance and mentorship.

You are an entrepreneur!

Who I Am

My name is James Patrick and I am an internationally published photographer, best selling author, award-winning marketer, public speaker – but I am also a coach for entrepreneurs and artists like you! I have more than 20 years of experience in marketing, branding and sales, have spoken on stages coast to coast in the United States, have published numerous titles and articles on marketing and business development, recorded more than 200 podcasts and am the founder of the annual FITposium conference.

Through my coaching, speaking, books and media platforms, I’ve had the honor of helping thousands on their journey. That is my passion. Helping individuals like yourself achieve the real transformation between where you are now and where you want to grow in your business.

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What We Do

I created a coaching program for entrepreneurs that does not exist anywhere else! It is designed for individuals like you! Individuals who are committed to growing a successful business and are ready for that extra edge! This is the program and guidance that I personally wanted in my own journey!

We will dive deep into your brand and get into the granular details of your business so we can set goals that will challenge and motivate you. Our strategic planning may include marketing, sales and business development strategy, sales techniques, influencer status and promotion, perceived obstacles and barriers as well as developing the story of your brand.

This process and newly formed collaboration will be guided by my own insights derived from two decades of experience in developing the strategies needed to properly envision your future and orient your actions to achieve extraordinary results.

The program is perfect for you if you…

  • Are ready to be COMMITTED to your journey as an entrepreneur
  • Are ready to possess a NO-QUIT, CAN-DO attitude in your business
  • Are ready to BREAK THROUGH previous obstacles and barriers
  • Are ready to be held ACCOUNTABLE for your goals
  • Are ready to define and OWN your success on your own terms
  • Are ready to RAISE the bar and increase your prosperity

We are the artists of our own careers and we can adjust the canvas of our future through focused visioning, careful planning and purposeful action and accountability!

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How it Works & How it is Different

The coaching process a 6-session package that spans over the course of six months that begins with an in-person VIP experience. I will fly you out to Arizona and put you up in a hotel on my dime. We will then do a photo shoot together that is included in your coaching package and then strategize face-to-face on a deep dive into your business.


Additional sessions are typically 60-to-90 minutes in length done through Zoom (or Skype) and may include details of branding, goal setting, marketing strategy, analysis of blind spots, hidden strengths and measurable action items to implement moving forward.

The direction of all sessions will be tailored to your specific needs where I work with you to envision the future outcome you want, providing information, expertise and strategies so that you may orient your actions to achieve those results!

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What Past Clients Have Said

“It was a pleasure working with James Patrick for marketing consulting. He was professional, listened to my broad idea and helped to narrow down my vision. No idea was too crazy and he offered advice specific to the business model I was interested in implementing. By the end, I felt much more confident in my vision for the brand I wanted to create. I highly recommend James Patrick for marketing and branding consults for your business, whether you’re at the beginning stages of creation or an established business who needs some creative guidance.” – Ashley Casalini Garcia

“I worked with James Patrick at the conception of my business branding. He was encouraging, confident and convicted with the input he had for me. He believed in me and was an absolute asset to have as part of my business start up team!” – Kelly O’Horo

“I am so thankful for the guidance of James Patrick. Because of James I finally reached my 6 figure income goal and already prepared to grow it further!” – Joy Kushner

“I’m so grateful to James for his direction and guidance on how to bring more awareness to my story and brand. Never did I imagine having the ability to touch so many lives by being featured in so many great publications! Thank you James! Your insights were spot on!” – Tawny Clark

“James Patrick was extremely helpful in our marketing messaging. He was patient, inquisitive and got the essence of the goals we had with our company. I highly recommend consulting with him if you are looking to launch a message-driven brand!” Amy Beth Hopkins, MPT

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