In response to a recent casting call we put out, I received a message from a person claiming to be a local talent agent here in Arizona. They wanted me to check out their agency, the talent they had to offer and hopefully hire one of their models for my project.

However, my first stop (as I had never heard of this agency before and we routinely work with a lot of the agencies) was to head over to the State Industrial Commission website. You see, in Arizona, it is required by law that you need to be licensed to be a talent agent. The purpose is to protect the talent from unfair or illegal labor practices.

Little to my surprise, this company was not listed in the State’s database for licensed agencies. I responded to them letting them know the law and that they should get into compliance before soliciting for the work we were offering.

Their response was to block me. I suppose that was mature and professional of them.

As a modeling talent, the next time you receive an “offer” from a talent agent – spend a few minutes to do the background search. What are the laws for talent agents in your state? Are they required to be registered – if so, are they?

Doing this due diligence can protect you from the scam agencies.

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto