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You Have Spoken and the Results Are…

I awoke the morning of January 1 ready to start the New Year but also to some news. My book, Fit Business Guide: The Workout Plan for Your Brand hit a best seller list on Amazon!

This book was written with the intention of helping to give you, the readers, the permission to take action on your ideas. It was created to provide the tools, insights and knowledge to step into your passion.

Through the book, through my annual FITposium conference, through my new mastermind, through my weekly podcasts; I am privileged to watch your success.

I am honored to be a part of your journey.

So as we go through 2019 together, I want to give you my sincerest thanks.

I attribute my success to your success and I cannot wait to help you get to that next step!

James Patrick
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A Critically Dangerous Viewpoint for Entrepreneurs

How often do we look at those who succeed and say:
“they are talented”
“they are gifted”
“they are lucky”
“they have confidence”

This is one of the most dangerous viewpoints you can have as an entrepreneur.


Because to classify someone who is successful as talented means that unless you too are talented you cannot be successful. To classify someone who is successful as gifted means that unless you too are gifted you cannot be successful. To classify someone as lucky means that unless you too are lucky you cannot be successful. To classify someone as having confidence means that unless you too feel confidence you cannot be successful.

These are lies we tell ourselves about others. The reason we do this is quite simple to understand. It is much easier to say that someone is successful because of talent or gift or luck or confidence rather than face the truth.

The truth is that they out worked everyone else.

They might be talented, gifted, lucky or develop confidence. But that was not the reason for their success. They worked harder.

When we tell ourselves those lies it removes our accountability to be a person who could work hard too or walk into our fears or step into an area of the unknown.

However… success is intentional, not accidental.

So the next time you see someone succeed, say, they worked harder.

James Patrick
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Daily Routines to Maximize Your Efficiency

I am obsessed with routines, particularly the routines that can improve efficiency. Running six separate businesses can take a significant toll mentally and energetically so it is important that I am always testing to find the daily routines, rituals and habits that can give me the edge that I need to efficiently and effectively operate. What follows are the systems that I’ve adopted for my own workflow that can support you in your own professional development.

What follows are routines that I suggest are done without negotiable. This means you schedule the time for these items first and you never schedule anything over them, nor ever bump them – despite how busy you may get. The purpose is to become more efficient.

Morning Routines
I start my mornings with either a brief meditation or a few minutes of calm breathing. My goal is to do this before I check e-mail, texts, voicemails or social media. This is the hardest of all the items to stick to because it does not feel concrete. But it is actually an imperative action. I find that the busier I get, the better I feel the longer I meditate. The longer I meditate, the more focused I can be the rest of the day. The longer I meditate the more efficient I can be. Imagine cutting your work time down significantly because you took a few minutes at the start of the day to breath. By no means am I an expert at meditating. That is not the point. The point is to meditate so you can become better at life! Take a few minutes, get comfortable, close your eyes and breath. You can think about things you are grateful for, you can think about your intentions you want for the day, you can think about the future you want to manifest. That is entirely up to you. But at minimum take 5 minutes to breath. If you can’t afford those 5 minutes, then you are simply not serious enough about becoming more efficient.

After those 5 minutes I check my daily journal. I prefer doing bullet journaling. This is quick bullet points and lines about action items and notes I have for that specific day. I write most of these the night before (see below) but will update them in the morning based upon what I feel I need to work on that day.

Day Time Routines
It is only after I’ve done those two things do I allow myself to check my e-mail, texts, voicemails and social media. Now the rest of the day is at your disposal on how you choose to organize your time.

For example, I do my best, most creative work either early in the morning or late in the evening. For example my time writing I do really well in the morning or night. Whereas in the afternoon I can’t be creative to save my life, so I save that time for responding to e-mails and doing paperwork like my invoicing.

I, of course, give top priority to the items listed in my journal. Those are the most important things I have listed that need to get done first. Once I accomplish those I can shift my focus to what every else pops up.

I also try to sweat at least 5 days a week. Typically this means I take a break from work in the afternoon (when I am at my lowest creatively) to go to the gym and sweat. Or I even will just walk away from work to take my dog for a long walk in the middle of the day. The exercise is amazing to re-energize my brain and help me get back into focus for a second wind of work in the late afternoon, early evening.

The point is, the day should be organized based upon when you do your best and most important work.

Night Time Routines
I tend to keep my nights away from my laptop. The big exception to this rule is when I am writing and I feel my creativity fire up. In that case I will hit up a late night coffee shop and write until my brain turns to mush (just my process for writing). Otherwise I actually enjoy the time away from my 15inch monitor (or my two 24 inch monitors in my office).

Each night I then pull out my journal and I will take a few minutes to write out the most important work I want to focus on the next day (what I referenced above). For example, as I am writing this I have my journal open to tomorrow’s page. My notes and action items are as follows:

  • Presentation to LSR’s Mastermind Group (9a – 10a)
  • Pick up tax documents from CPA
  • Update workshop page on website
  • FITposium website team call (6:30p)
  • Acceleration Assignment #1
  • JP Workshop Promotional E-mail Campaign

Then tomorrow morning after my meditation I will look at this entry and add to it with anything that I feel also needs my attention.

James Patrick
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This is NOT for THEM, it is for YOU

During the most recent FITposium conference we had all attendees fill out a survey ranking everything about the event. One person gave everything (including my personal presentation) a 1 on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the worst. FITposium was not for them.

Not long ago one of my podcasts got its first 1 star review. The individual was offended by some of the language myself and the guests used on the show. The podcast was not for them.

At some point my book, which became a best seller on Amazon earlier this year, will get a bad review. The book was not made for that person.

After photographing for a client for many years, a new art director came in and no longer wanted to hire me. My photography work was not for them.

It is so easy to attach our personal worth and emotions to the feedback and reviews of every single person under the sun (and I recently wrote about the importance of feedback).

But realize that feedback should be coming from those who you create for, not from those who do not matter.

My conference, book, photography, presentations, blog, podcast, whatever – is NOT for everyone and neither is what you do!

Know who matters. Listen to them.

IGNORE everyone else.

James Patrick
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If You Are Reading This…

I am going to make some presumptions about who you are. If you are reading this, then you are someone who works hard but know there is a better path for you and that you deserve more for your effort. You are willing to do the work required, but perhaps you don’t know the specific steps to take to grow your business and your brand. You are someone who has passion, you have dedication, but you want guidance and mentorship.

You are an entrepreneur!

When we launched the Get Amped Mastermind is sold out in only 3 weeks (when we thought it would take 3 months). We learned how hungry you are to learn, to grow, to be held accountability and to get guidance on your journey to grow your career.

Because of this… I created an entrepreneur and artist coaching and mentorship program for individuals like you! Individuals who are committed to growing a successful business and are ready for that extra edge! This is the program and guidance that I personally wanted in my own journey!

We will dive deep into your brand and get into the granular details of your business so we can set goals that will challenge and motivate you. Our strategic planning may include marketing, sales and business development strategy, sales techniques, influencer status and promotion, perceived obstacles and barriers as well as developing the story of your brand.

This process and newly formed collaboration will be guided by my own insights derived from two decades of experience in developing the strategies needed to properly envision your future and orient your actions to achieve extraordinary results.

The program is perfect for you if you…

  • Are ready to be COMMITTED to your journey as an entrepreneur
  • Are ready to possess a NO-QUIT, CAN-DO attitude in your business
  • Are ready to BREAK THROUGH previous obstacles and barriers
  • Are ready to be held ACCOUNTABLE for your goals
  • Are ready to define and OWN your success on your own terms
  • Are ready to RAISE the bar and increase your prosperity

We are the artists of our own careers and we can adjust the canvas of our future through focused visioning, careful planning and purposeful action and accountability!

Contact ME today to schedule a free consultation to see if I can be of service to you in your career journey! Just send me an e-mail on my site to get the process started!

James Patrick
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The Best Trait an Entrepreneur Can Have and You Cannot Succeed Without It

Within just a few minutes of meeting someone I can easily tell if someone is more likely to succeed or struggle in his or her career.

Those who succeed possess a singular trait that those who struggle seem to lack.


All the school, all the business books, all the podcasts and YouTube videos cannot give you curiosity.

You have to be curious if you want to have more potential to grow your business.

What does curiosity give you? The likelihood that you will ask questions, and not just any questions, the likelihood that you will ask the right questions.

Curious people seek out answers. They ask “what would happen if…” or “why has no one ever tried…”

Curiosity, asking questions, is the key to the information that can scale a business or to the inspiration that can define a new direction to take.

I cannot teach you how to be curious. I can only implore that you start asking more questions.

James Patrick
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What Changed My Entire Business in 2018 (and can for you in 2019)

Just yesterday I was recording a podcast with my business coach and good friend Chris Harder for the weekly FITposium podcast.

Over the course of about an hour we discussed a blitzkrieg of topics from our fears leading to inaction to our limiting mindsets, to daily habits and rituals that can shift our energy, to impact of those you surround yourself with.

SIDE NOTE: It is an interview that should not be missed if you are serious about growing your brand in the fitness industry (which if you are reading this, then you already are). Be sure to subscribe to the FITposium podcast by heading over to the Apple Podcast App, or iTunes, or Stitcher, or Google Play Music or even – needless to say, it is easy to find.

It was exactly one year ago (to the date) that I first connected with Chris. I was listening to his podcast, For the Love of Money, and he was talking about the launch of his own mastermind to bring together two dozen entrepreneurs to connect and go somewhere together as a tribe. I immediately applied and within a few days was approved and signing up.

Over the following 12 months everything began to change.

Not just my business. It was how I looked at my business. It was how I took action. It was the habits I set for myself. It was fundamentally how I looked at the goals I set for myself.

So many of us are not achieving beyond a certain level or limit because we never stop to think how we could actually do that. Take making 7 figures as an example. Instead of thinking that is too lofty of a goal or that you would have no clue how to even begin, reframe it by asking where you could specifically make that seven figures and where the revenue would come from and how.

What is the thing that gets us to push beyond what we know or what we are comfortable with?

A tribe.

When I talk to those in the industry who are struggling, I find out fairly quickly that they are surrounding themselves with others who are either struggling or are imposing and passing on their fears and limiting mindsets.

Think about how our parents, who love us (hopefully) try to protect us by minimizing our dreams. Think about how our bosses, friends and colleagues warn us to stay in our lane and to not take too many risks.

Imagine if everyone you surrounded yourself with was more apt to taking risks, more generous with their time and resources and more willing to challenge you to push beyond what you are doing.

That company would shift everything for you. It would also, added bonus, shift how creative you get in achieving your own goals. No one wants to be the person at the table who is not trying the hardest.

Is it harsh to suggest that you need to dump those who keep you limited? Yes, it is harsh, but it is exactly what you need to do. At a minimum, you need to set boundaries with those in your life so they are not inflicting their own fears onto you.

But that is only the first half of what you need to do.

The second half is you need to surround yourself with that new, high level, tribe.

You could do what I did, which is join a mastermind. We were so inspired by my changes that we started our own called the Get Amped Mastermind, that sold out for 2019 in only 3 weeks.

We are now taking applications for those wanting to be on the waiting list for our 2020 group.

You could also hire a coach to help push and keep you accountable, something I am also available to help you with if you contact me here.

Or you can form a group on your own to keep you accountable.

Imagine how different 2019 can be if you changed your circle. Make it yours. Be accountable. Own your success.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto

The A-Hole Who Ruined My Entire Presentation

Maybe seven or eight years ago I was presenting at a seminar for fitness models and actors on website strategy, analytics and search engine optimization – back when people actually cared about SEO.

There were about 50 people in the room and I had rehearsed my presentation probably two dozen times. I was ready and prepared for almost anything.

Almost anything.

The one thing I could not have accounted for (or even fathomed) as the a-hole who sat in the front row with the intention of derailing and ruining my presentation.

During my entire one-hour seminar he glared at me intently with his arms crossed and the biggest “screw you” look plastered across his forehead. As I spoke he shook his head in disagreement. As I made points he sighed. As I tried to make crowd-warming jokes he rolled his eyes. Right in the middle of sentences he would cut me off to interject a question with the direct intention of trying to prove to everyone listening that he knew more than me about the topic I was presenting about.

First off, I think we should all get on the same page and agree this pathetic excuse for a man is of the lowest level of diseased riddled crap scraped from that basin that mobile bathrooms dump out to. My apologies to any pieces of crap who were offended by that reference.

About a week later I found out from the event organizer that this guy only attended the event as a guest of his girlfriend and was not happy about the idea of her being at a conference where she could learn to be successful enough on her own so he set himself out on a mission to attempt to crush and embarrass all those presenting at the event. Apparently he did this to every single presenter. Why the event organizers did not ask him to leave is another matter entirely.

Regardless, I think we all agree that this scumbag is part of the worst order. Despite that, I have to admit something. I made a far greater error. Not only did I allow this festering boil to get under my skin – I actually allowed it to impact the overall presentation. I was off my game and the other 49 people in the room were robbed of my best abilities.

But here is the grander problem that we all face. Each of us have “that guy” (or girl) in our minds every single time we go to do something new. We think about that person, whether they are real or not, before we release a blog, post a podcast, write an Instagram post or get up on stage to give a presentation.

The result is we shave off the unique edges of our brand so as not to upset that person. We tailor our work, temper down our persona so as not to even stand out. What happens is we then are no good to anyone because we have nothing that defines us.

Our edges are what define us. We must never shave those down to appease someone who does not matter.

Read that again, that person does not matter.

So you have to decide who matters for you and your business. Who truly matters? Who are you truly trying to connect with? If someone other than that person is unhappy with what you are doing – then who cares?

James Patrick
@jpatickphoto on IG

The Question That Led to $37,000 in Gross Revenue

Imagine that, a question being responsible for $37,000 in revenue. True story and I was the person that the question was asked to.

The question was asked to me after this individual gave me some consulting over the course of an hour. So for an hour this person is giving me their time, but more importantly, they are giving me value. After the conversation came the question.

Here it is, pay close attention to the wording.

“Who could you refer me to that could benefit from my services?”

The question was not “do you know anyone” or a statement such as “it would be great if you knew anyone.”


The question, worded the way it was, merited that I give a direct answer.

I said actually two names.

The follow up request was “can you send an email to introduce us?” A direct inquiry for me to take a very specific action.

There was nothing vague or passive about the question and subsequent request. It was very intentional with a purpose behind each word.

Those two names, who I referred to this individual, went on to hire them for a total gross revenue of $20,000.

A few weeks later I thought of another person who I referred and they paid a total of $17,000 for the individual’s services.

All because of the direct question “who could you refer me to.”

When you request things, are you asking passively or can you be more direct and intentional? Who could you refer me to?

James Patrick
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The Workout Plan for Your Brand

I am thrilled to announce the release of my new printed book, FIT BUSINESS GUIDE: The Workout Plan for Your Brand!

A year in the making, this new book is your workout plan to get your brand in shape.

This step-by-step book will guide you from the idea phase to launch and beyond as you scale your business in the health and fitness industry.

Included in the book are details on how to how to overcome roadblocks, successfully brand your concept, finalize the business formation, develop your client profile, construct a marketing plan that works, use social media to grow your visibility, the art of selling and how to get the attention of the media.

It is not enough to just have a great idea, you must take action on it in order to succeed. Fit Business Guide will give you the information you need to move forward confidently as you turn your passion into a profitable profession.

Get yours today on AMAZON!

Once you get yours, post it on Instagram and tag @jpatrickphoto

James Patrick
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