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Why THEY are NOT Successful (Hopefully Not You…)

A few weeks ago I received a DM from a photographer on Instagram. It was a short message asking how I could have so many thousands of followers on Instagram but why I am only getting a few hundred likes per photo. The intent was not innocuous. This photographer was trying to knock me down, find a flaw in my work or in my marketing.

I admit I was curious as to who would send such a stupid message trying to pick a digital fight so I looked at his page. His work was actually good. Then I checked out his engagement. He was getting thousands of likes with only a few hundred followers. That seemed backwards. So I checked the likes he was getting. They were from clickfarm accounts.

What is a clickfarm account? Fake accounts that like posts when you pay them to. Great way to look like you’re getting a lot of engagement when you’re actually not.


Seriously?! Not only are you picking a stupid digital fight, but you don’t even have the legitimacy to back up your main argument?

This is why, despite having good work, you’re not successful.

What is the difference between this person and successful entrepreneurs, artists and change-markers?

The latter focus on their work.

The latter focus on who matters.

The latter focus on shipping.

If you want to be the former, caring more about trying to knock others down than doing the real work to grow your brand – then you will end up like this person.

Talent is NOT enough. This person proved that.

But that is not you. You do the work.

James Patrick
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If You Are Reading This…

I am going to make some presumptions about who you are. If you are reading this, then you are someone who works hard but know there is a better path for you and that you deserve more for your effort. You are willing to do the work required, but perhaps you don’t know the specific steps to take to grow your business and your brand. You are someone who has passion, you have dedication, but you want guidance and mentorship.

You are an entrepreneur!

When we launched the Get Amped Mastermind is sold out in only 3 weeks (when we thought it would take 3 months). We learned how hungry you are to learn, to grow, to be held accountability and to get guidance on your journey to grow your career.

Because of this… I created an entrepreneur and artist coaching and mentorship program for individuals like you! Individuals who are committed to growing a successful business and are ready for that extra edge! This is the program and guidance that I personally wanted in my own journey!

We will dive deep into your brand and get into the granular details of your business so we can set goals that will challenge and motivate you. Our strategic planning may include marketing, sales and business development strategy, sales techniques, influencer status and promotion, perceived obstacles and barriers as well as developing the story of your brand.

This process and newly formed collaboration will be guided by my own insights derived from two decades of experience in developing the strategies needed to properly envision your future and orient your actions to achieve extraordinary results.

The program is perfect for you if you…

  • Are ready to be COMMITTED to your journey as an entrepreneur
  • Are ready to possess a NO-QUIT, CAN-DO attitude in your business
  • Are ready to BREAK THROUGH previous obstacles and barriers
  • Are ready to be held ACCOUNTABLE for your goals
  • Are ready to define and OWN your success on your own terms
  • Are ready to RAISE the bar and increase your prosperity

We are the artists of our own careers and we can adjust the canvas of our future through focused visioning, careful planning and purposeful action and accountability!

Contact ME today to schedule a free consultation to see if I can be of service to you in your career journey! Just send me an e-mail on my site to get the process started!

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What You May Have Missed

The James Patrick Photography and FITposium team have been white hot with pumping out career changing content. I wanted to key listeners into a few very important podcasts our team has recently released.

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Discussion on making 2019 your most successful year to date.
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Happy Listening!

James Patrick
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The Best Trait an Entrepreneur Can Have and You Cannot Succeed Without It

Within just a few minutes of meeting someone I can easily tell if someone is more likely to succeed or struggle in his or her career.

Those who succeed possess a singular trait that those who struggle seem to lack.


All the school, all the business books, all the podcasts and YouTube videos cannot give you curiosity.

You have to be curious if you want to have more potential to grow your business.

What does curiosity give you? The likelihood that you will ask questions, and not just any questions, the likelihood that you will ask the right questions.

Curious people seek out answers. They ask “what would happen if…” or “why has no one ever tried…”

Curiosity, asking questions, is the key to the information that can scale a business or to the inspiration that can define a new direction to take.

I cannot teach you how to be curious. I can only implore that you start asking more questions.

James Patrick
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This Won’t Work

When I look back over the last 20 years of my career trajectory there are numerous clusters of time where I did not advance, where things simply did not work out the way that I hoped they would.

Contrast that to other times when things seemed to skyrocket even faster than I could keep up with.

When I get granular and really explore the difference in action that causes these two opposite outcomes it comes down to something some frustratingly simple.

When I don’t take action, things don’t work.

When I stick with the status quo, things don’t work.

When I don’t ask questions, things don’t work.

When I don’t take calculated risks, things don’t work.

Action is what overcomes obstacles.

Bucking the status quo is what creates change.

Asking questions is the key to growing.

Taking calculated risks can lead to the biggest rewards.

So you have two options in front of you. You can do what won’t work.

Or… (you’ve already gotten started and are getting to work).

James Patrick
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James Patrick Photography 2018 Magazine Covers

2018 Magazine Covers

James Patrick Photography 2018 Magazine CoversIn 2018 I had the pleasure of working on a wide variety of magazine covers for clients including:
• Golf Magazine
• Women’s Running Magazine
• Fitness Magazine
• Modern Fitness Magazine
• and more!

My team and I were fortunate to work with a variety of professional athletes, television stars, models, business owners, actors and even some still art to make these covers happen.

I want to send out my sincerest thanks to the entire James Patrick Photography team for making all these projects a success.

But, most importantly, I want to thank all of our amazing clients, art directors, photo editors and creative leads who gave us these unparalleled opportunities!

Thank you so much – happy New Years and let’s make 2019 even better!

PS… hope you check out my book Fit Business Guide: The Workout Plan for Your Brand available on amazon!

James Patrick

What Changed My Entire Business in 2018 (and can for you in 2019)

Just yesterday I was recording a podcast with my business coach and good friend Chris Harder for the weekly FITposium podcast.

Over the course of about an hour we discussed a blitzkrieg of topics from our fears leading to inaction to our limiting mindsets, to daily habits and rituals that can shift our energy, to impact of those you surround yourself with.

SIDE NOTE: It is an interview that should not be missed if you are serious about growing your brand in the fitness industry (which if you are reading this, then you already are). Be sure to subscribe to the FITposium podcast by heading over to the Apple Podcast App, or iTunes, or Stitcher, or Google Play Music or even – needless to say, it is easy to find.

It was exactly one year ago (to the date) that I first connected with Chris. I was listening to his podcast, For the Love of Money, and he was talking about the launch of his own mastermind to bring together two dozen entrepreneurs to connect and go somewhere together as a tribe. I immediately applied and within a few days was approved and signing up.

Over the following 12 months everything began to change.

Not just my business. It was how I looked at my business. It was how I took action. It was the habits I set for myself. It was fundamentally how I looked at the goals I set for myself.

So many of us are not achieving beyond a certain level or limit because we never stop to think how we could actually do that. Take making 7 figures as an example. Instead of thinking that is too lofty of a goal or that you would have no clue how to even begin, reframe it by asking where you could specifically make that seven figures and where the revenue would come from and how.

What is the thing that gets us to push beyond what we know or what we are comfortable with?

A tribe.

When I talk to those in the industry who are struggling, I find out fairly quickly that they are surrounding themselves with others who are either struggling or are imposing and passing on their fears and limiting mindsets.

Think about how our parents, who love us (hopefully) try to protect us by minimizing our dreams. Think about how our bosses, friends and colleagues warn us to stay in our lane and to not take too many risks.

Imagine if everyone you surrounded yourself with was more apt to taking risks, more generous with their time and resources and more willing to challenge you to push beyond what you are doing.

That company would shift everything for you. It would also, added bonus, shift how creative you get in achieving your own goals. No one wants to be the person at the table who is not trying the hardest.

Is it harsh to suggest that you need to dump those who keep you limited? Yes, it is harsh, but it is exactly what you need to do. At a minimum, you need to set boundaries with those in your life so they are not inflicting their own fears onto you.

But that is only the first half of what you need to do.

The second half is you need to surround yourself with that new, high level, tribe.

You could do what I did, which is join a mastermind. We were so inspired by my changes that we started our own called the Get Amped Mastermind, that sold out for 2019 in only 3 weeks.

We are now taking applications for those wanting to be on the waiting list for our 2020 group.

You could also hire a coach to help push and keep you accountable, something I am also available to help you with if you contact me here.

Or you can form a group on your own to keep you accountable.

Imagine how different 2019 can be if you changed your circle. Make it yours. Be accountable. Own your success.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto

Pain that Hurts Versus Pain that Helps

About six years ago I had this sharp tightness of pain under my ribs at the top of my oblique muscle. I assumed it was an odd muscle cramp or knot and that I needed to work thought it.

For a week I heavily stretched and even more heavily trained assuming at some point the tightness would loosen and the pain would subside.

And I had good reason to attempt this approach. Consider all the platitudes we hear.

No pain, no gain.

Pain nourishes your courage.

The pain of discipline.

Take your pain and play with it.

Pain is only temporary.

We see slogans printed on posters, tank tops and even movies and song titles encouraging us all to put up with and push through our pain if we want to be stronger, better and more successful.

What happened to me? I tore my oblique, which led me to months of doctor visits followed by significant physical therapy to rehab and regain strength. I was told that my range of motion would never get back to 100% again. In fact, it was not until last year that I felt confident in the core strength to lift heavy again – a full five years after the injury.

Instead of trying to work through this pain, it was my body telling me to slow down and rest.

This translates to how we operate and manage ourselves professionally. Granted, I am a huge proponent of facing resistance to get stronger. The entrepreneur who pushes through difficult or scary situations is the entrepreneur who scales faster.

However, just like with our bodies, our minds will tell us when we need to slow down. Without that balance we face a mental crash. A creative burnout that could sideline us from moving our brands forward.

Thus, sometimes the best way to move forward is to step back and take a moment to breath and reflect. Even in training our body we need time to recoop.

James Patrick
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The Question That Led to $37,000 in Gross Revenue

Imagine that, a question being responsible for $37,000 in revenue. True story and I was the person that the question was asked to.

The question was asked to me after this individual gave me some consulting over the course of an hour. So for an hour this person is giving me their time, but more importantly, they are giving me value. After the conversation came the question.

Here it is, pay close attention to the wording.

“Who could you refer me to that could benefit from my services?”

The question was not “do you know anyone” or a statement such as “it would be great if you knew anyone.”


The question, worded the way it was, merited that I give a direct answer.

I said actually two names.

The follow up request was “can you send an email to introduce us?” A direct inquiry for me to take a very specific action.

There was nothing vague or passive about the question and subsequent request. It was very intentional with a purpose behind each word.

Those two names, who I referred to this individual, went on to hire them for a total gross revenue of $20,000.

A few weeks later I thought of another person who I referred and they paid a total of $17,000 for the individual’s services.

All because of the direct question “who could you refer me to.”

When you request things, are you asking passively or can you be more direct and intentional? Who could you refer me to?

James Patrick
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What We Are NOT Saying…

While on stage I said the thing that is on so many of our minds but we are not saying enough!


This blog… might fail
My podcast… might fail
My latest book… might fail
My mastermind… might fail
My workshops… might fail


We need to say this more. Once we say it, aloud, we acknowledge our fear of failure. Only when we do that can we step into it.

The seasons entrepreneur and the amateur who has never launched feel the exact same fear. They fear failure. The difference is, the entrepreneur acknowledges that fear and steps into it.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto