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Celebrating Our Heroes Through Images

On Sunday April 7, 2019 the James Patrick Photography team participated in our annual SHARE THE LIGHT creative campaign through a partnership with the Jewish War Veterans of the United States Copper State Post 619.

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA is the oldest congressionally chartered national Veterans service organization in America. It was founded in more than 120 years ago in 1896 by a group of Jewish Civil War Veterans. Their mission is to service our needy US Veterans, support our service men and women on active duty, confront anti-Semitism, honor the memory of fallen comrades and promote patriotism.

I and the rest of the James Patrick Photography team created the SHARE THE LIGHT campaign to partner with a charity and/or non-profit organization and provide creative services to support the organization and expand the visual exposure of their mission. That is why we entitled the program SHARE THE LIGHT. This is critically important to me to help give my services and talents to organizations that can truly benefit form them.

During the 25th Year Anniversary Celebration Ceremony, I set up a photo studio on site and provided portraits for both veterans and volunteers at the organization to visually tell their stories. Each person had the opportunity to be in front of my camera for a few minutes of their time while I worked to make a portrait of them.

This project actually originated two years earlier when I had the pleasure of working with half a dozen Korean War Veterans (including my wife’s grandfather) – several being members of the JWV of the United States Copper State Post 619. Those original photos inspired this new opportunity.

On behalf of the entire James Patrick Photography team, I would like to thank all the volunteers and Veterans of the JWV of the United States – not only for their time they were able to spend with us – but for their truly invaluable service they have provided this country!

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Two Events in Arizona You CAN’T MISS!

The James Patrick Photography team is hosting not one, but two events in Arizona THIS WEEKEND that you need to know about.

April 12, 5:30 PM
Scottsdale, AZ
Learn everything you need to grow your creative career
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April 13, 4:00 PM
Scottsdale, AZ
Join us FOR FREE to watch the live recording of our 100th podcast episode! Will have special guests as well as a chance for audience to interact with show hosts!
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We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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A Critically Dangerous Viewpoint for Entrepreneurs

How often do we look at those who succeed and say:
“they are talented”
“they are gifted”
“they are lucky”
“they have confidence”

This is one of the most dangerous viewpoints you can have as an entrepreneur.


Because to classify someone who is successful as talented means that unless you too are talented you cannot be successful. To classify someone who is successful as gifted means that unless you too are gifted you cannot be successful. To classify someone as lucky means that unless you too are lucky you cannot be successful. To classify someone as having confidence means that unless you too feel confidence you cannot be successful.

These are lies we tell ourselves about others. The reason we do this is quite simple to understand. It is much easier to say that someone is successful because of talent or gift or luck or confidence rather than face the truth.

The truth is that they out worked everyone else.

They might be talented, gifted, lucky or develop confidence. But that was not the reason for their success. They worked harder.

When we tell ourselves those lies it removes our accountability to be a person who could work hard too or walk into our fears or step into an area of the unknown.

However… success is intentional, not accidental.

So the next time you see someone succeed, say, they worked harder.

James Patrick
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Big Reason to Raise Your Rates NOW

I was having a conversation last week with my massage therapist who was conflicted about raising her rates. I asked when the last time she increased her pricing was and it had been about five years.

She believed she was currently on the higher end of what other massage therapists charged and had fears that if she increased her rates she would price herself out of some of her clients or that she would even upset some of her clients.

I asked if she lost a single client when she raised her rates 5 years prior. The answer was no. Imagine that!

I then asked how many years of experience she had, the answer was 15.

I followed up by asking if she believed her services helped her clients. The answer was of course yes.

My response, you are not charging this new rate just for 60 or 90 minutes. The new rate is a result of the 15 years of experience you have that allows you to achieve everything you are able to achieve in those 60-to-90 minutes.

That is the key right there. Imagine you are a personal trainer with 10 years of experience. You rates are correlated to all your experience that you take into every session.

You do not just charge for the time you are with your client. You charge for the wealth of experience, knowledge and background that improves that value of the service you provide.

The massage therapist agreed to raise her rates. I know she won’t lose me as a client.

James Patrick
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How Creative Professionals Can Grow Their Careers

Note: I understand that most of those who read this blog are not photographers, but this is something I truly hope you consider passing on to your favorite photographers!

On Friday, April 12 I am hosted a LIVE WORKSHOP for photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, web designers and videographers all about how to improve their marketing efforts!

We will discuss traditional marketing strategies that still convert, the latest digital marketing efforts that grow an audience and more.

This session is to help creative entrepreneurs get more clients, make more money and get seen more often!


Register here: 

It is time to make 2019 the year you level up your creative career.

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This is NOT for THEM, it is for YOU

During the most recent FITposium conference we had all attendees fill out a survey ranking everything about the event. One person gave everything (including my personal presentation) a 1 on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the worst. FITposium was not for them.

Not long ago one of my podcasts got its first 1 star review. The individual was offended by some of the language myself and the guests used on the show. The podcast was not for them.

At some point my book, which became a best seller on Amazon earlier this year, will get a bad review. The book was not made for that person.

After photographing for a client for many years, a new art director came in and no longer wanted to hire me. My photography work was not for them.

It is so easy to attach our personal worth and emotions to the feedback and reviews of every single person under the sun (and I recently wrote about the importance of feedback).

But realize that feedback should be coming from those who you create for, not from those who do not matter.

My conference, book, photography, presentations, blog, podcast, whatever – is NOT for everyone and neither is what you do!

Know who matters. Listen to them.

IGNORE everyone else.

James Patrick
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The Importance of Feedback

I often write about how often we hesitate to launch something new because we are fearful of what others might thing.

We hesitate on the blog release because what if someone does not like it?

We hesitate on the podcast being published because what if no one listens?

We hesitate on the book launch because what if it gets a 1 star review?

The reality is, however, that we cannot improve anything without the launch, without the release, without it being on the market. It is your product or service being in front of the pubic (in all of its imperfections). That is how you can improve it, scale it, grow it.

Launch before you think you are ready. You need that feedback. My first blogs sucked. My first podcasts sucked. My first attempt at an e-book sucked. It gets better.

Taking it a step further, in a recent FITposium podcast I was interviewing Alex Armstrong from Gymotion Consulting. He brought up a concept I loved which is that we should be striving to get relentless feedback from our clients.

How can I better serve you?

Imagine you ask a different client every single week how you can better serve them. Imagine the amazing feedback you would get. Also realize how important that makes the client feel; that they could have such a positive impact on your business.

James Patrick
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Why THEY are NOT Successful (Hopefully Not You…)

A few weeks ago I received a DM from a photographer on Instagram. It was a short message asking how I could have so many thousands of followers on Instagram but why I am only getting a few hundred likes per photo. The intent was not innocuous. This photographer was trying to knock me down, find a flaw in my work or in my marketing.

I admit I was curious as to who would send such a stupid message trying to pick a digital fight so I looked at his page. His work was actually good. Then I checked out his engagement. He was getting thousands of likes with only a few hundred followers. That seemed backwards. So I checked the likes he was getting. They were from clickfarm accounts.

What is a clickfarm account? Fake accounts that like posts when you pay them to. Great way to look like you’re getting a lot of engagement when you’re actually not.


Seriously?! Not only are you picking a stupid digital fight, but you don’t even have the legitimacy to back up your main argument?

This is why, despite having good work, you’re not successful.

What is the difference between this person and successful entrepreneurs, artists and change-markers?

The latter focus on their work.

The latter focus on who matters.

The latter focus on shipping.

If you want to be the former, caring more about trying to knock others down than doing the real work to grow your brand – then you will end up like this person.

Talent is NOT enough. This person proved that.

But that is not you. You do the work.

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If You Are Reading This…

I am going to make some presumptions about who you are. If you are reading this, then you are someone who works hard but know there is a better path for you and that you deserve more for your effort. You are willing to do the work required, but perhaps you don’t know the specific steps to take to grow your business and your brand. You are someone who has passion, you have dedication, but you want guidance and mentorship.

You are an entrepreneur!

When we launched the Get Amped Mastermind is sold out in only 3 weeks (when we thought it would take 3 months). We learned how hungry you are to learn, to grow, to be held accountability and to get guidance on your journey to grow your career.

Because of this… I created an entrepreneur and artist coaching and mentorship program for individuals like you! Individuals who are committed to growing a successful business and are ready for that extra edge! This is the program and guidance that I personally wanted in my own journey!

We will dive deep into your brand and get into the granular details of your business so we can set goals that will challenge and motivate you. Our strategic planning may include marketing, sales and business development strategy, sales techniques, influencer status and promotion, perceived obstacles and barriers as well as developing the story of your brand.

This process and newly formed collaboration will be guided by my own insights derived from two decades of experience in developing the strategies needed to properly envision your future and orient your actions to achieve extraordinary results.

The program is perfect for you if you…

  • Are ready to be COMMITTED to your journey as an entrepreneur
  • Are ready to possess a NO-QUIT, CAN-DO attitude in your business
  • Are ready to BREAK THROUGH previous obstacles and barriers
  • Are ready to be held ACCOUNTABLE for your goals
  • Are ready to define and OWN your success on your own terms
  • Are ready to RAISE the bar and increase your prosperity

We are the artists of our own careers and we can adjust the canvas of our future through focused visioning, careful planning and purposeful action and accountability!

Contact ME today to schedule a free consultation to see if I can be of service to you in your career journey! Just send me an e-mail on my site to get the process started!

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Happy Listening!

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