We’ve focused on bringing the best guests that edify what it truly means to be an entrepreneur. What it looks like to go against standards, break through those barriers, and achieve real success.

Our guest today has done that. When I think about being a female fitness entrepreneur, she is at the pinnacle of that mountain. She is a former TV host, a best-selling author, and a transformation coach. Her and her husband launched the Transform App, which skyrocketed on the Apple Podcasts app, and she connects so beautifully with other men and women to help them grow the change within themselves. The one and only, Heidi Powell.

“Whatever I say, I will make happen, because I know the power that I have if I keep going.”


  • How James and Heidi’s lives intertwine.
  • Heidi’s backstory and how it led to where she is now.
  • The power of vulnerability and the connection it breeds with your clients.
  • Learning to seize every opportunity and why it can change your life.
  • Making a decision to make things happen and not turn back.
  • Serving others without needing compensation and how it pays off.
  • What it takes to make the right decisions.
  • Navigating someone saying no to your business.
  • How to work in business with your partner.
  • Being a powerful woman in business and the differences between men and women.
  • Why it’s okay to shine, be bold, and be proud of it.
  • What’s coming next for Heidi.

“It’s better to take the wrong step, than no step at all.”

Connect with Heidi

Instagram: @realheidipowell

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