As I recorded this episode, my son was days away from being born, which means I am days away from becoming a father! I’m taking a break from the mic for a bit but I would never leave my awesome and loyal listeners hanging. So, we’ve dipped into our BEST archived interviews just for you.

In this podcast episode, I get to chat with my dear friend Kirstyn Brown, who at the time was the editor of STRONG Fitness Magazine. When I originally asked Kirstyn to be on the show, I thought we were going to cover a topic I talk about a lot on the show, which is getting published. When she said yes, she said, “I want to interview you.”

This was such a fun hearted show and it’s a great chance to get to know me a little more and hear a little from Kirstyn as well.

“What you will do today, impacts who you’re going to be tomorrow.”


  • James’s early work experiences and the things he learned from them.
  • Finding a creative outlet and why it’s important.
  •  Establishing core values and sticking to them.
  • Doing simple things every day that will change your life.
  • Missed opportunities and failures in your business.
  • The comparison trap and how to not do it – celebrating others instead.
  • Speaking up and overcoming fears and how it can grow your business.
  • How James defines success and why this question is an important one for you to answer yourself.
  • How to navigate negative reviews and where to put your focus.
  • Defining moments in James’s career.

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