In this episode, I was sitting in my office by myself on Monday morning when Instagram and Facebook had been down all day. It’s only when things like this happen that I actually notice how often I subconsciously will go on my phone to open the app.

I was looking online, doing what people do, when Instagram or Facebook go down; starting looking on Twitter and Google. I went online to Down Detector and was reading about how his was their biggest outage in 13 years.

My first thought is, “Well, crap. I just wrote out and planned my week’s worth of Instagram content. I just dropped a new podcast that I think is important, if only I could post about this. Oh wait, I CAN!”

“You need to get the connections you have with your audience off of social media.”


  • How important it is to not have to rely on Instagram or Facebook to reach your audience.
  • Why lists of your audience that you own matter.
  • Focusing on building your own lists.
  • Creating incentives that have value to get your audience to sign up to your lists.
  • The importance of specificity in your offers.
  • Factors that play a role in having a great lead magnet.
  • Using this time wisely.

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