In this episode, we’re going to be talking about scaling.This is such an important topic because so many of our listeners are stuck in that modality of going one to one, so we’re diving into how to shift to one to many. 

My guest today is Leah Gervais. Leah is a business coach, but more importantly, she is a business mentor for entrepreneurs, and that is something we all need within our journey. She’s going to be chatting about how we need to think differently about our marketing if we plan on scaling our offerings.

“Get clear on the problem that you solve and release the way in which you need to solve it..”


  • Leah’s backstory and what led her to serving others.
  • Feeling dissatisfied in your current journey.
  • Letting go of labels and leaning into what you really do.
  • Getting prepared for the next economic shift.
  • Why Leah chose blogging and how she scaled her business.
  • How to make sure you’re not trading your dollars for hours your whole career.
  • Starting with one on one clients before going one to many and why this is vital.
  • When it’s time to transition to one to many.
  • Going from good to great.
  • How lack of clarity can hold you back.
  • Intimate marketing and aligning it with your offer.
  • When to diversify the types of results you offer and when it’s too soon.
  •  Fulfilling what you’re good at while having joy.

“The hardest part of scaling is having to say no and fix what’s working.”

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