Tune into an exclusive LIVE Fit Business Online to hear a live coaching session with an amazing coach, Shannon Fable. Shannon is going to be teaching us how as fitness professionals and coaches we can leverage our trust, rapport and credibility to book ourselves solid.

So much of what we see in the health and fitness space, whether it’s personal trainers, coaches, gym owners, is the idea that “I have to fix my marketing, I have to really get aggressive” while simultaneously trying quick fix solutions or a strategy that may have worked for someone else.

Shannon has a rich history working with health and fitness professionals to help them bolster up their business and bring in more clients in a very authentic and effective way.

“You have to commit to finding time to work on your business, not just in your business.”


  • Shannon’s background and how she got to where she is today.
  • Why it’s important to go outside your industry to learn what is really working.
  • Connecting with people on a deep level in your own way and why you need to be doing this!
  • Finding time to do the work and how this will be the only way to bring change.
  • Having a firm foundation.
  • Determining your target market and deciding what group of people speaks to you.
  • Determine your what – the #1 benefit you provide and how to portray this correctly.
  • Articulating your why
  • Specificity and shifting into an abundance mindset.
  • The right way to respond to consumer demand.
  • Three boxes of innovation and what they are in detail. 

1 – Linear 

2 – Leap frog thinking

3 – Selectively forgetting the past

  • Why consistency is important and specific ways to stay consistent.
  • You need a no-barrier entry offer!
  • Sales cycle vs. sales funnel and why sales cycles are important, especially in playing the long game.
  • Leaning into the digital world and using it for your benefit.
  • Not all is loss if someone says no right away.
  • Value – you can’t give away too much!
  • Pricing correctly and learning to make money in your sleep.
  • The 3 mandatory self promotion strategies Shannon recommends.

“Marketing doesn’t get you clients, it just gets you awareness.”

Connect with Shannon

Website: www.shannonfable.com

Instagram: @sfable

Facebook: Shannon Fable

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