If today’s topic hasn’t been in the front of your mind over the last 18 months with everything that’s happened within our industry, it better be in the front of your mind after this episode. We are talking about the need to diversify your income sources, and more specifically, the importance and the power of leveraging recurring revenue into your business model where you are able to build, scale, and grow your business.

My guest today is the founder of The Value Builder System and best selling author or Built to Sell, John Warrillow.


  • The lightbulb moment when John realized the importance of creating recurring revenue in his business model.
  • How John quickly grew his business and developed recurring income.
  • The importance of productizing your business and incorporating a subscription model.
  • Segmenting your audience.
  • The Trojan Horse effect.
  • Effective positions brands are taking with subscription models.
  • TVR
  • The reason you want to niche down and find one customer to serve.
  • Packing value into the subscriptions you create.
  • The 60-day window magic.
  • The power of spontaneous gifts to your subscribers.
  • Getting your subscriber fully integrated.


“Once somebody becomes a subscriber, they are infinitely more 

likely to buy your other things.”

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