Do you know what would get your podcast, TV station, magazine, or digital publication pitch or submission thrown out immediately? Today, I’m diving into that and bringing in my 20 year personal experience in the industry. 


I’ve received thousands of pitches and in reviewing them, I know what makes the pitch stand out in a good way, and what makes a pitch get thrown into the trash. Let’s talk about it so you know what NOT to do.



  • Where to plug in to make sure you are pitching the right way.
  • Things that will get your pitch immediately thrown out.
  • The importance of getting company and people’s names correct on your pitch submissions.
  • Why personalized messages are best.
  • Keeping your ego out of pitching.
  • Making sure your pitch is not all about you and explaining how you can bring value to the publication.

“You need to say specifically how this benefits the publication, what you’re doing for the publication, why this matters to the readers, why this is a good fit.”

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