In today’s episode, we’re going to chat about why YOU have been struggling with standing out within your market or demographic.

If you’ve been trying to promote your brand, product, or service and you’ve been having some difficulty or issue getting in and starting to breakthrough all the noise happening in the digital landscape specifically, it could be because you aren’t being specific enough about in who you are, what you do, why it matters, and how you’re actually helping your client.


My good friend, Skyler Irvine, just dropped a new book all about this called Niche Please, and we’re going to talk all about the importance of specialization and drilling down into your core audience and how you serve them.


“If you can’t differentiate yourself, then no one else will be able to either.”



  • The inspiration behind Skyler’s new book and how it matters even more after 2020.
  • The importance of pausing and asking yourself, “What is it I’m really trying to achieve?”
  • The difference between being productive and being busy and why staying productive is so important. 
  • Skyler’s 3 Niche Approach – Business, Content, & Media
  • Overcoming the fears that come with niching down.
  • Why dabbling in different niches won’t last long term.
  • Doing what your competition is not doing.
  • How to create effective content and knowing what your goal is.
  • Figuring out who you’re posting for.
  • Starting with the end in mind to get the result we want to achieve.
  • What it really means to dominate a platform.
  • Marketing efficiencies and utilizing them correctly.
  • Creating content people can watch, read, listen to, and look at.
  • Building the life you truly want.

“It’s better to be hated than to be confusing.”

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