This episode, I wanted to chat with you about how to leverage the power of speaking on stages to grow your brand visibility and generate leads for your business. I’ve been doing this in my career for 20 years now and it is a phenomenal way to amplify your authority. 

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  • Why speaking on stages actually helps your business.
  • How the audience is already a warm audience, even if you don’t know anyone in it.
  • Earning the right to speak on more stages.
  • Finding different events to speak at and how to go about it.
  • The importance of making point of contact relationships.
  • Perfecting your speaking submission.
  • Taking your submission to the next level.
  • Making sure you add a CTA.

“You are reinforcing your value just by being on that stage. You are being positioned as a subject matter expert in whatever the field is that you’re speaking on.”

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