In today’s episode, we’re going to chat about what you may think are two very conflicting ideologies or methodologies on how you’re approaching your life and your business.

One is that of the “hustler” and go go go, and falling into that modality where you are constantly pushing to achieve one goal after the next.

The other is that of the “seeker” who turns inward to find a deeper meaning for who they are and what they do.

“Although you may think those are two completely opposite ways of life and business, what if I told you, you can actually achieve both at the same time?”

My guest today is the author of the upcoming book, Hustler or Seeker,  and my good friend, Tommy Baker.


  • What led to James’s burnout and the belief fueling his actions.
  • Why entrepreneurs have a hard time clocking out and how it can impact your health.
  • Tommy’s story, how he has operated as both a hustler and a seeker, and how he has come to master them together.
  • The Law of Diminishing Hustling and The Law of Diminishing Seeking
  • How both the hustler and seeker use avoidance mechanisms in their life and business.
  • Being preventative in how we tackle our health.
  • How lack of structure can play a role in harming your health.
  • Selective identity.
  • Making an inventory list to create awareness that enables you to make small daily changes.
  • Intuition versus noise and how to know the difference.
  • Limiting your inputs and practical ways to do so.
  • How to know if you are making changes towards the right direction and if the changes you have made are working.

“At any given moment, at any given week, month, or season, you’re able to adopt either the prevailing identity of the hustler or seeker; I always believe we need both.”

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Instagram – @tommy_resistanceaverage


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The book will be available in October.

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