We are one month out from our 7th annual FITposium conference! It’s the only conference dedicated not only to teaching you how to earn top media features – like top magazine spots, top podcast spots,  top TV spots, top publication features – but we’re also the only conference that directly connects you with top media companies to give you the exclusive opportunities to get your brand, mission, business, featured in the media to amplify your authority, grow your awareness, and generate more leads.

You get to pitch to over 30 amazing top media outlets just by being an attendee (virtual or in person)!  Register HERE.


“Getting published is the fastest and most effective way to grow  your fitness business.”


In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about the 4 steps you need to be taking to properly land top media features and get published.




  • Four steps to getting published.
    • 1. Research the outlets you’re looking to get published with.
    • 2. Send out your pitch and follow up.
    • 3. When you get the opportunity, over deliver and reinforce why they gave you that opportunity. 
    • 4. Stay in touch and try to get featured again; “The Relationship Loop”
  • The importance of putting steps 1-4 into practice over and over again.

“It can take between 8 and 12 pitches before a magazine 

editor notices that you are pitching them.”

Tune in to hear James go into detail about each step towards getting published and some great steps to take to be successful in these.

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