In today’s episode, we’re talking about the power of online reviews. I know when I’m shopping for something online, I am constantly looking to see what people are saying about this product, service, or restaurant before I invest my finances and time into them.

On with me today, I have Craig Staley. He is the owner of HG Site Design and we’re going to chat about how to leverage the power of the reviews your business has and your online reputation.


  • Hear Craig’s story and how his journey started.
  • The importance of doing more than just building a website.
  •  Why a strategy to get good reviews is important.
  • The 3 pack businesses when you Google something and how you can land a spot there.
  • Responding to every review, positive or negative, and how it helps your business.
  • How to start getting reviews and why you shouldn’t ask for all your customers to leave a review via a massive email.
  • Why leaving a review should be insanely easy for your customer.
  • Ways to effectively set up Google My Business. And why the category you pick matters.
  • The power of blog posts on Google Business.
  • Why you should be putting reviews you receive on your website.
  • Advice about reviews on Yelp.
  • Facts about Google Business and why it’s profitable.

“You have to have a nice website, but you also have to have a  strategy to get those reviews.”

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