In this episode, I want to talk to you all about why landing podcast features is so incredibly beneficial for you, your brand awareness, your lead generation and the growth of your business.

“When it comes to trying to rapidly promote a product, a service, or a launch that myself or my team are doing, the paramount strategy we lean into is a podcast tour.”

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  • Why podcasts and going on a podcast tour is important.
  • The things you need to know to properly leverage the power of landing podcast features.
  • The growth in the podcast industry and why it’s beneficial to be featured on them..
  • How the passivity of podcasts appeals to the audience.
  • The power of connection through podcasts via tone, time, and trust.
  • Automatic approval with the host’s audience and why it makes it easier to build rapport.
  • The top 3 types of shows you want to look into being on.
  • What to include in a podcast pitch.

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