In this episode, we’re going to be talking about the power of intuition. We talk a lot on this show about how to properly build trust and rapport with your audience. What you’re going to learn today is that you may only have 14 seconds to build a connection with your audience member to then be able to onboard them as a client.

My guest today is Sunil Godse. He’s the CEO of Radical Solutions Group. We’re going to be talking all about intuitive marketing and branding.


  • How Sunil answers the question he gets over and over again: “What’s the one thing that’s going to help me be successful?”
  • The importance of listening to your inner voice and not the outside voices and how it can affect your life long term. 
  • What happened in Sunil’s life when he decided to listen to his intuition.
  • The science behind intuition.
  • Based on your intuition, trust can be established, or not, in less than a minute. 
  • Signals tied to our body that can show us where our intuition is leaning (positive or negative).
  • The 4 types of intuition.
  • How to differentiate intuition from fear and the 3 most common fears you face.
  • Why building trust in your employees and customers will help you generate more income.
  • The importance of nailing down why you are doing what you’re doing and being authentic while you do it.
  • Giving yourself space to ask the important questions.


“More and more neuroscience research is showing that more than ever, intuition happens much earlier than we think it does.”

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