In today’s episode, I want to talk more about earned media. We’ve been talking about this a lot, specifically getting published. Chances are when you hear me say, “getting published” landing a feature in a printed magazine is what comes to mind. That is absolutely part of an earned media approach, but there’s so many other avenues I don’t want you leaving on the table.

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  • Different avenues of earned media you can use to grow your brand awareness, enhance your credibility, grow your visibility, and get more leads.
  • Earned media vs. paid advertising
  • The power of digital publications.
  • Podcast spots and how they can rapidly expand your audience and lead generation.
  • How landing a spot on a YouTube show can help drive traffic to your business.
  • Why speaking on stages is something you should pursue.
  • How to find which earned media arenas you should focus on getting into.

“Digital features, in many ways, are superior to printed magazine features.”

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