Today, we are chatting all about all things related to the changes that we’ve seen in the Facebook advertising platform, what this means for anyone who has advertised or is planning to advertise, and what we as business owners need to know to best equip ourselves for this change.

As we see shifts organically or from changes in algorithms, it’s important for us to talk about the way it effects our business. We are so honored to have our very own, Amy Bliefnick on today. Amy does all our in-house marketing and advertising. She has been in the digital marketing space for over 10 years and has homed in on Facebook advertising as her main way to drive traffic to and scale her client’s businesses.


  • The new changes in the Facebook advertising platform.
  • The new iOS 14 update and how we can respond as advertisers.

“If you stick to the foundations, you should be fine through everything else.” 

  • Why your visibility may decrease with this new update via no longer have cookie-based advertising.
  • It’s important to know, as of now, this is only happening on Apple mobile devices, but we believe other companies will quickly follow (and some already are!).
  • Things that have been effected: CPMs, not being able to create large retargeting audiences, a decreased look alike audience, Facebook reports will no longer be reliable.
  • Strategic and tactical actions you can take to combat these changes.
  • The importance of understanding that consumer demand is ever changing so we must be ready,
  • Domains and subdomains and how to get verified.
  • 8 conversion events and how to set them up.
  • Why thank you pages are important in tracking your advertisements.
  • Conversion API – the new way of doing things moving forward and how you can do it.
  • Diversifying your leads. 

Connect with Amy:


Instagram: @amy511west

Message her on her website or Instagram to receive a training on how to put these things into practice!

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