What I’m talking about today is, leads. The lifeblood of your business and how to generate more leads. It is impossible to grow your brand and your business unless people know you exist. Most professionals I talk to and people who hire me, don’t have a system or strategy set up to generate leads.

“If you want more sales in your business, you need more leads.”


  • A large audience is does not mean more leads.
  • What a lead truly is – someone who is willing to purchase from you.
  • Where to spend your energy when generating leads.
  • What doesn’t generate leads. 

“Lead generation requires that the right people know you exist and, more importantly, they know why you matter in the context of their lives.”


I’m hosting a FREE live workshop, tomorrow June 8th, 4PM PST.

What’s this workshop all about?

  • How to generation copious amounts of leads for your fitness and coaching business.
  • The 3 types of leads.
  • The difference between earned leads and purchased leads.
  • Ways to effectively find lead sources.
  • How to interrupt and invite those lead sources into your network.
  • Earned media.
  • Lead generation/lead magnets.
  • Top mistakes people make when trying to create leads.
  • Funnels, etc.

If you’re interested in generating more leads, join us TOMORROW! join.jamespatrick.com/get-more-leads

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