In today’s episode I get to chat with Stephanie Riel. She’s the founder of ReilDeal Marketing. We’re talking about where you can automate your workflows to save more time so you can work on your business, not just in your business.

“I think there’s so much power in story. Whenever we are trying to connect with another entity, of course humans, but our brands have a story too. Being able to help bring that story and that why to life, is really what made me fall in love with marketing.”


Stephanie and I dive into how to take things off your plate (including the pressure to do it all) in order to help your business thrive.

  • How and why to work smarter and not harder instead of experiencing burnout as an entrepreneur.
  • Finding a better way to get things done instead of doing it at 2AM.
  • Determining what to outsource and what to automate in your business.
  • The importance of focusing on tasks that bring in revenue.
  • Stephanie offers different solutions to tasks you may need to rethink doing yourself.
  • Bringing your customer into the sales funnel and how it helps get more sales overtime.
  • Different platforms you may want to use in your business to help automate your tasks.


  • Make a list of revenue generating tasks, operational, creative, etc. (areas where you spend your time). Then figure out what you enjoy doing, what you can automate (repeated patterns ex: emails), and what you can outsource.

Connect with Stephanie:


Instagram: @rieldealmarketing or @rieldeal

Facebook: RielDeal Marketing

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