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In this episode I talk all about lead magnets and particularly why your lead magnet might not be working.

Q: What is a lead magnet?

A: A lead magnet is some tool, resource, or guide that you’re giving away for free that you are using as a way to grow your email list, text list, phone number list, mailing list, etc. It’s a way to grow a list of prospects who are interested and who are opting into your marketing messaging. This leads to being able to continue to market to this prospect list in an in-depth way, which should convert to a sale later down the road.


I am focusing on breaking down why your lead magnet may not be working. There are two things happening with your lead magnet.

  1. No one is downloading the free tool you released, which means your prospect list isn’t grow.
  2. You have many people downloading the free tool you released, but no one is taking the next step to do business with you.

There are five reasons why your lead magnet is not working.

  1. There is no clear or specific promise.
  2. The outcome is not important.
  3. It does not feel doable.
  4. It does not promote you as the expert.
  5. There is not a through-line from the lead magnet to your final offer.

“If you can reverse these five, you’ll not only have a lead magnet that grows a prospective list of individuals, but it will also help you make sales.”

I go into detail on each of these five reasons and share a lot of examples to help you see each problem clearly so you can identify if this is happening with your lead magnet and how to overcome it. Make sure you tune in and get ready to take notes!

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