It’s time for another one of our special episodes; My Entrepreneurial Journey. I absolutely love these episodes because I get to chat with entrepreneurs who are with our listeners right now. They are in the trenches going through all the same things that you are, and we get to unpack and share so much of their journey to provide some insight and some clarity on your own journey.

In today’s episode I get to chat with my good friend, Candice McMurren. She’s a fitness and nutrition coach, she’s one of our amazing FITposium alumni and she’s been through my coaching program. She joined in 2019. That year, I made all the attendees to write down where they would be in 1 year. Flash forward to 2020, I get a text from Candice saying she wrote down that she would be a full-time coach, and one year later, she was.

“One of my biggest mistakes was listening to what other people thought I should I do and signing on to that, as opposed to sticking with things I knew I was good at and I knew I was meant to do.”


Candice shares with us her desire behind her business, the mindsets she had to overcome, and how she broke through obstacles and invested in herself to become a full-time entrepreneur.

  • How to get resourceful and build a business without a degree or any experience.
  • Why investing in yourself for the long-term will change your life.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who think the way you need to think.
  • The beauty of delegating tasks out that you are weak at.
  • Why sometimes, you have to let things go in order to get to what you really want.
  • Moving from fear into action.
  • Identifying what fills us and what drains us in order to love what we do.


  • Just start without needing to be perfect.
  • Get connected with a great coach.
  • Put yourself out there and make connections with people. 

Connect with Candice:


Instagram: @candicemcmurrencoaching

Facebook: Candice McMurren Fitness

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