“There’s a big problem, in my opinion, in the entrepreneurial world called ambition appropriation. The toxic culture of looking up what others do and thinking that this is what you should be doing as well. We never ask ourselves, “Is this what I really want for myself?’ “

Recently, I had the chance to read Done By Noon by Dave Ruel, and it was like Dave was spying on me while he wrote it. I walked through the dark side of entrepreneurship – feeling like I just had to work harder and work more and that the secret behind success was behind that extra effort. I found that wasn’t true at all. Instead, I had to shift my priorities.

On this episode, I’m so excited to have Dave Ruel on the show. Dave talks about how his book was born from his own experience as an entrepreneur, the mistakes he made along the way, and how he was able to find similar mistakes in other entrepreneurs that we could all learn from.

“We all go into business as entrepreneurs for one thing, and it’s for freedom.”


Dave and I dive into dialogue that will help you to not make the same mistakes and get you moving in the right direction in your entrepreneurial journey.

  • The 3 freedoms in entrepreneurship we strive for: Time, Financial, Creative
  • Recognizing when you are “drifting” in your journey and how to correct it before you’re totally lost.
  • Ambition Appropriation and why we need to ask ourselves what WE really
  • Easy exercises that help you get a clear direction of what you truly want that will get you there.
  • The importance of having a big and specific why or intention behind your goals.
  • How to make sure you achieve your annual plans that you set out for yourself.
  • Why prioritizing your tasks correctly makes a huge difference in your success – Reactive vs Responsive.
  • How to set a plan and then protect it so you can actually follow it.

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Connect with Dave: Online: daveruel.com or effic.co Instagram: @daveruel Facebook: Dave Ruel

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