Now, if you’ve listened to the show, you know I’ve talked about passion a lot.

“Passion is not found, passion is created.”

I didn’t have a passion for photography before I became a photographer. How could I? I had never held a camera before. I had no passion for writing until I was already a writer. I could say the same thing about podcasting, about public speaking; any of the different things that I’m investing my time and energy into. I did not find the passion; I created the passion.


I give you the formula on how you should find the work you should be doing, and we do the exercise together while you listen. With this formula, you will find the intersection between the things you love to do and what you’re good at.

Once you know this, you can then answer the question, “What do people around you need?”

After listening, doing the exercise, and answering the questions, you will then know your business model.

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