Entrepreneurs who have been fortunate enough to mass success sometimes forget the labor that was required to build their careers. When we say labor, we do not mean the physical or mental labor, nor do we mean the financial investment. No, we are talking about the emotional labor that an entrepreneur must endure while they work to turn their dreams into reality.

In this episode, host James Patrick chats with FITposium alumni Bridget Therese Romo on the true journey that entrepreneurs go through, the publishing of her book and the launch of her digital agency.

Listeners can connect with Bridget on Instagram @bridgetthereseofficial

UPDATE: You can now connect with host James Patrick directly by texting him any of your business questions to 480-605-3254 or go to https://my.community.com/jamespatrick – There is no cost and James will respond to all your questions with helpful answers and support!


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