We bumped up this episode a month ahead of schedule because this is the show every entrepreneur needs to listen to right now! In this episode of Beyond the Image, Dr. Jade Teta joins the show to discuss the real pandemic that entrepreneurs are facing.

It is not a lack of marketing, it is not a lack of a successful e-mail nurture sequence and it is not the lack of a funnel.

Host James Patrick and Dr. Jade Teta discuss the need for purpose in our personal and professional journey and how many of us are searching for this purpose in the wrong areas.

The good news is that it is never too late to start to do the deep dive work to push through your pain to find your true purpose. When that happens – you will be able to bring your unique voice to leave your fingerprint on the universe!

Listeners can connect with Dr. Jade Teta on Instagram @jadteta or his website JadeTeta.com

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