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With so much happening throughout the world and so many living in fear, many entrepreneurs have seen a negative impact upon their business.

The universe is forcing us all to re-evaluate HOW WE CONDUCT BUSINESS. We can reframe a downtick in the face-to-face economy as a space for us to create something completely new.

Entrepreneurs in the grind often struggle to find the time for big picture thinking and planning. See this as a gift!

Rather than spending your time stacking toilet paper rolls and watching virus prevention tips on the news for the 100th time, block out some time to work on your growth.


In this episode of Beyond the Image, host James Patrick is joined by guest Kelly Patrick to discuss why this time is important to address core values, re-assess marketing and business development efforts as well as resources to diversify income streams. As entrepreneurs we need to move from working in our businesses to working on our businesses.

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