In this episode of Beyond the Image, host James Patrick chats with director and producer Regan Rogerson of 208 Inc, a Toronto-based digital marketing agency which focuses on authentic brand building and disruptive campaigning primarily for the health and fitness industry.

Also a personal trainer and health club owner, Regan’s entry into the world of fitness marketing bordered on accidental after a primitive fitness video shot in 2006 became an overnight success selling 250,000 copies worldwide. From there the Journalism graduate found himself working behind the scenes creating commercial campaigns for the sports nutrition world and has built a personal clientele featuring some of top names in the health and fitness world.

This interview dives into the importance of being unique, genuine and authentic in the development of a creative career. Host James Patrick and guest Regan discuss the importance of helping clients solve problems, how to stay hungry, how to learn from mistakes, how to balance a creative vision with the needs of a client, the importance of passion and individuality and why you should not only know who your audience is, you should know who is not your audience.

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