For seven years I held the title as “Marketing Coordinator” which may lead you to believe that my job solely involved the coordination of marketing efforts. If you were to read the job description it would say something like “responsibilities include proposal development, lead tracking and other related marketing activities.”

I suppose I could have left my job as just that for the time I worked there. But I did not – and for those reading this blog, my guess is you would not either.

By the end of my tenure there, I had broken the job title. I was now the Marketing Coordinator, Regional Photographer, Advertising Coordinator, Symposium Host, Public Speaker, Media Relations, Special Project Marketer, Business Developer, Graphic Designer, Presentation Specialist, Professional Trade Organization Board Member and so on.

Even today I have broken my job title. I am not just a photographer. I am a photographer, marketer, public speaker, writer, podcast host, designer, project manager and so on.

And you. You are no longer confined by your job title and description. Suppose you are a model. Beyond that what else do you do? Perhaps you are a writer, a trainer, an actress, a networker, a brand ambassador, an athlete, a problem solver and so on.

Do not limit yourself and do not restrict your efforts and energy to what your job title may be.

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto