Black Friday Sale That’s a Gift to Your Career

From myself and the entire rest of the FITposium Family we wanted to wish you and your loved ones a very fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday. We here have so much to be thankful for. We are thankful for the growth of FITposium, having more than 200 attendees at our 2017 conference. We are thankful for the two-dozen speakers who joined us. We are thankful for the multiple casting partners that booked talents at the event. We are thankful for the sponsors who helped make the event a success.

But most importantly – we are thankful for you all. We are so excited to see each of you achieve your own goals and make your dreams a reality. We feel truly blessed to join with you and help you along in your journey.

Continuing with that energy we wanted to offer you a special sale to be a part of our FITposium 2018 International Conference + Expo happening in Phoenix, Arizona October 5-7! We are doing a special from today until Cyber Monday. Sale prices for our annual three day international conference + expo will never be this low again.

Here is a snapshot of all that you will have access to:

  • Vendor Expo
  • Talent Casting Calls
  • Live Demos
  • Fashion Show
  • Mixer
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Multi-track Educational Conference
  • Mastermind Workshops
  • And more!

We are offering all of this for one very low price. Do not wait to get your ticket and be a part of FITposium 2018 to get your brand in shape!

Tickets will not open up again until the New Year at an increased price.

We look forward to you joining us October 5-7, 2018!

James Patrick
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How Writing A Letter Can Improve Your Life (and Career)

On November 19, 2012 I sat down to write a letter to myself. It was just a few weeks away from my 30th birthday and a friend suggested I writer a letter to my future self five years from that date. The mission was to record the important details of my life as it was presently and forecast what I hoped my life would be by the time I opened the letter again, on November 19 of this year.

Five years this letter sat in a sealed envelope in my closet waiting to be opened. Year after year I would come across the letter while cleaning and the anticipation to open it grew and grew. After time passed I simply forgot what I had written in the letter.

The time to open it just arrived a few days ago. I ripped open the envelope and began reading it as if it was the work of someone else. The first few paragraphs were about my life as it was back in 2012. I was still working at my marketing job and was very unsatisfied. I was writing about how I wish I could be a photographer full time and be my own boss and how stressed I was about potentially quitting my job.

Then I shifted gears to predict and set intentions for what I wanted my life to be like by the time I opened the letter. What is really interesting to note is that almost every single thing I wrote down came true over the last five years.

I predicted I would be working full time as a photographer and offering other brand supporting services to my clients – both of which I am presently doing.

I predicted that I would have a studio – which I opened earlier this year.

I predicted my team expanding, which we now have 8 of us in total. Speaking of team, I even predicted that I would be letting go of my best friend so he could start his own business, something I did a little over a year ago and he is now running his own companies.

I predicted that I would still be podcasting, which I am doing weekly shows through our FITposium network.

I predicted that I would have made the space and time in my life to spend with someone else, and now I am engaged to be married.

No I did not get every single thing correct. I predicted I would be living in Phoenix by now and I predicted some of my campaigns to be a bit different. However, overwhelmingly, all the predictions and intentions I set came true or came very close to being true.

I concluded the letter by reminding myself of where I was emotionally when I wrote it. Here is what I wrote…

“I would like to remember why I chose to become a photographer. That I remember why the passion hit me and hope that the passion fuels me for years to come. I never want to lose sight of my inspirations I want to remember the reasons I decided to leave my job in marketing to pave my own creative path. Lastly I want to remain true to who I am and what I represent. It is important to me that I continue to move my brand in the right direction, doing the right thing, remaining passionate, treating others with respect and earning people’s good word.” 

Within two weeks of writing this letter I had the courage to finally leave my career in marketing to work exclusively as a photographer. The act of writing these predictions down set them in my mind as intentions. Even though as the years passed I forgot I wrote down, my inner guidance did not.

Now I want to extend the same challenge to you. Sit down and write yourself a letter that you will get to open in five years. Where will you be five years from now? What will your life involve? What will you be doing? How will you feel? What will you have achieved?

My bet is, if you do it, five years from now you will be amazed at how much you’ve accomplished.

James Patrick
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What is Your Emotional Aftertaste?

I tried this new protein drink that a friend recommended to me exclaiming how amazing it tasted. The first moments of taste were spot on fantastic. Then a second or two went by and the aftertaste kicked in – a bitter chemical flavor overwhelmed my palette. As good as that initial taste was, the aftertaste killed the entire product for me and into the trash it went.

I’m certain this is an experience many of you have shared in. That awful aftertaste can ruin so many things that had potential. A great drink, a great dessert, you name it.

What would you think if I told you that your brand had an aftertaste to it as well? That every thing you did, every interaction you have, every action or lack of action you take will modify the aftertaste of your brand on the palettes of those you connect with.

I’ll give you an example of how this can work. I had someone trying to inquire as to my rates for a photo shoot they wanted to do. The back and forth lasted probably for more than a year and it kept coming back to the fact that they couldn’t put together a shot list for me. Without a shot list I could not give them an accurate estimate. At this point, after so many back-and-forth’s, the aftertaste was going below medium into annoying.

Flash forward a few years and I get the opportunity to meet them in person. The first interaction actually went quite well. They noted they would be working on a shot list (finally) and get it over to me. That left a good feeling. Because I liked how they presented themselves in person, now the aftertaste has started to improve.

Later that same day, however, I encountered them again. Except this time they were with their husband, or boyfriend, or whatever who was not entirely sober. I can say this because I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He dominated the conversation to the extent that I don’t think she did or said anything. He started to inquire about my rates, asking for ranges but still not being able to get me any information on what his significant other was looking for in her shot list. So the range I gave him was $500-to-$50,000 and until I had a shot list it was going to be that vague. But he continued to try to press me. Then the topic came up on licensing of the images and how much she would make if I ever sold the image. I told him I give up to 20%, which he began to argue claiming that she deserved the 80%, or at least 50%. As calmly as I could I tried my best to explain licensing rights and then I just stopped myself. There was no point in even bothering to continue talking to someone in his state.

Let us pause right there. I want to clarify this situation as I am certain that you are feeling as perplexed as I was in that very moment. I am being cornered by a drunk guy trying to assert his dominance over me and prove his worth to his girlfriend by arguing with me over a HYPOTHETICAL situation that has not happened and honestly would never happen!

The entire time she looked at the floor. So, what do you think the emotional aftertaste of her brand was at that point? Truthfully, I would never consider taking a project from her or considering her for any work in the future.

Let us shift gears to another example. We had a client who whenever we spoke to them it seemed as if the world was about to end. It was if their life, their business, their future was always on the verge of tragedy. Intense negative energy. If you were in our shoes, would you ever consider hiring this person for a gig? Absolutely not! How could we trust they would ever show up in a good mood? Or show up at all because some issue was keeping them from coming to set.

Contrast these two individuals with a person who consistently shows up, who consistently is professional, positive, hard working and does exactly what they say they are going to do.

Which ones do you prefer? Which one has a better emotional aftertaste?

All of us have bad days and we all have things come up. But the aftertaste of our brands are cumulative. The more positives we are able to add to it, the better it will be. The more negatives… well… you don’t want to be the person with the drunk boyfriend picking fights with the person who you want to work with.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto

We Should All Have Two Modes of Pricing

Every now and then I will come across a client who, for whatever reason, cannot afford myself and my team’s rates. The response is they ask for a discount. Typically what I will do at that point is work to reduce the size of the project to match their budget. What I will not do is change my mind about the price I gave.

Essentially I do not waver on my price and neither should you. Suppose you are asked to do an 8 hour modeling gig and you quote the client a rate of $500 for the day (just using round numbers here). The client comes back to ask if you can do it for $250. If you agree to shoot for 8 hours at $250, then you just said to the client that you didn’t believe in the $500 rate you originally asked for.

If, however, your approach was instead to say that you can do a 4 hour shoot, or you could do the full 8 hours but there needed to be something else involved (i.e. you got rights to the photos, you could do a video segment on set for your own purposes, they would do something else for you, etc.) then you still control the negotiation.

To translate into photography. A client has a budget of 5K for a commercial shoot and I sent them an estimate for 8K. I then try to find how I can remove 3K of value to match their budget. Maybe I do a few less set ups. Maybe I do a few less edits. Maybe I give them less rights to the images. But this was I never change what my original rate was.

What is my other mode of pricing? Free. But that is reserved for projects that I set up myself for things I love.

My goal is to never be in the middle of those two rates.

James Patrick
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Why Practice Does Not Make Perfect

That is how the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” But there is a fatal flow in this logic. Or perhaps it was an error in forecasting how people would use practice.

Today the realm of “practice” has become a home for safety, for not launching, for not putting yourself out into the marketplace to be judged. After all, it is just practice, it is just a hobby, it is not a real thing yet.

It is something we see fitness talents do a lot. They practice on their portfolio with amateur photographers instead of hiring a pro to do it right. They practice on their personal training without finalizing that certification and signing clients. They practice on their blog by jotting down notes and ideas without ever hitting publish.

No one will take you serious until you do. You can spend an entire lifetime practicing your hobby. Or you can launch it and make it a reality. Choice is yours.

James Patrick
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LAUNCH Your Idea

Prepare for liftoff!

I am thrilled to announce the new pilot project I am doing alongside Kelly Spartonos called LAUNCH!

Do you have an idea burning inside of you but are unsure of what you ACTUALLY NEED to make your business concept a reality? Or perhaps you have internal FEARS blocking you from taking that next step and keeping your dreams grounded.


Launch is a 6-week mastermind course that propels your idea into action. No longer will you be able to say that your dream is too difficult to achieve. This series tackles both internal struggles as well as external actions such as branding and marketing strategies that will help move you forward.

Through weekly coaching calls, assignments and group connections – you will see your confidence soar.

Apply to join the LAUNCH program and we will get you to your own launch in 6 weeks.

Apply at

James Patrick
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FITposium 2017 – 2 Days Out!

In just under 48 hours we will have the opportunity to kick off our third annual FITposium conference. Since the inception in 2015, we have quadrupled the number of attendees and more than tripled the amount of content and opportunities we are providing to those going.

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone on the FITposium, James Patrick Photography and Patrick Creative Media teams who came together to make this year’s event so promising!

So thank you Amber, Kelly, Nicole, Carly, Audra, Kristina and everyone else who contributed! Your involvement is invaluable.

Seriously, I could not achieve any of this without the hard work of these individuals.

For those attending FITposium 2017, I will look forward to seeing you in two days and then watching your brand erupt and launch in the days and weeks and months to follow!

James Patrick
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Why You Should Free Write Every Single Day

Here is a glance at my morning routine and ritual. I put the kettle on to boil water for coffee and sit comfortably on my couch. I grab my leather bound notebook and my pen and flip open to the next available page. From there I start writing.

Each morning I am not sure where the writing is going to go as I literally try to continue writing without stopping. There is a reason for this that I am certain has a lot of science behind it, but let me explain what it does for me.

As I am feverishly jotting down whatever comes to my mind I have for force my brain to do two things at once. It needs to put together the sentence as I am writing it, but then also it needs to quickly think of the next thing for me to put onto paper.

Sometimes I will literally be writing about how I am unsure what to write next, until something comes to me. Doing this is a fantastic way to get the brain to start churning and exercising.

We put so much emphasis on training the muscles in our body as they will atrophy without pressure being applied. The same can be said for our brain. When we exercise it through free writing, it gets stronger, faster and more adept.

I’ve been free writing daily for several months now and I’ve found that it has helped with my clarity, how quickly I can analyze situations as well as how creative I am throughout the day.

So regardless of how busy my day ahead may be, I gift myself at least 5 minutes to sit down, uninterrupted and exercise myself mentally.

James Patrick
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Snapshot Interview with Katelyn Swallow, Editor in Chief of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine

What follows is a quick snapshot from our full interview we did with the Editor of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine, Katelyn Swallow, on what models and contributors need to know when pitching to magazines. If you would like to read the full interview, please head over to the FITposium online network!

I am responsible for everything from editorial planning, marketing strategy, events and talent sourcing to writing, editing and image sourcing (including covers).  

Primary goal is to create original, science-backed and useful content for readers.

In regards to industry experts, I am looking for people who are articulate and knowledgeable (go beyond your basic personal trainer qualifications and get educated/experienced), and go above and beyond in terms of content and timeliness.  

For models/trainers, it’s all about their quality of images, having a clear point of difference, their social following/brand success, how they align with our own brand values and how well they present themselves to camera.  

For magazines, images are nearly everything and tells me a lot about:

  1. a) how well you have researched the brand you are pitching to and
  2. b) how your personal brand aligns with the Women’s Health & Fitness brand. 

Images need to be high-resolution, of good quality and aligned with out brand values. For example, there is little point figure competitors sending images of themselves posing to Women’s Health & Fitness – we aren’t a body building magazine and those images do not appeal to our audience.

Mountains of dense text with no spacing is a big no-no. Editors are extremely busy people – we need the short and sharp facts in an easily digestible format.

Don’t tell editors your life story: make it about them and what you can do for their brand, rather than over-selling yours.

Your social media needs to align to our brand values in a similar way to your pitch.

Get a photographer on board who knows his/her stuff and create content for specific media genres. Make sure images are well lit, of good quality, high-res and not too ‘busy.’

Get content to editors in a very timely fashion without compromising quality, and I guarantee you they will come back time and time again!

Make sure you never take your success for granted and keep pushing toward your next goal. Stay humble and never burn a publishing bridge.  

Special thanks again to Katelyn for the great interview. Be sure to head over to to read the full interview!

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto

Take Your Dreams Off Hold

FITposium ConferenceMyself and the entire FITposium team are excited to announce that we have opened up MORE TICKETS for the event. We are no longer sold out. Get yours today at before they sell out again!

On October 20-21, 2017 we are bringing together more than 24 key presenters in the health and fitness industry to speak at FITposium 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The two-day conference will educate attendees with everything they need to know to establish a brand, market a brand and profit from a brand in the health and fitness industry. It includes:
– Presentation Seminars
– Interactive Workshops
– Portfolio Reviews
– Networking Mixer
– Magazine & Commercial Client Casting Calls
– and much more!


Our speaker line up includes:
– Chris & Heidi Powell, Fitness Entrepreneurs
– Kim Dolan Leto, Cover Model & Entrepreneur
– Erin Stern, Cover Model & Entrepreneur
– Callie Bundy, Cover Model & Social Media Expert
– Karen Northington, Cover Model & Entrepreneur
– LaRue Gillespie, Editor, Max Sports & Fitness Magazine
– Gabby Richman, Editor, Scottsdale Health Magazine
– Katelyn Swallow, Editor, Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine
– Mike Arce, CEO,
– Tana Nelson, Online Marketing Expert
– Jon Boles, CEO, Modus Apparel
– Faith Hibbs Clark, CSA, Casting Director, Good Faith Casting
– Matt Englehart, Commercial & Print Director, Ford/Robert Black Agency
– Anthony Cox, Creative Director, Scottsdale Health Magazine
– Lindsey Schwartz, Best Selling Author
– Skip Wood, Fitness Talent & Entrepreneur
– Sidney Jarvis, Fitness Entrepreneur
– Felicia Romero, Cover Model & Entrepreneur
– Erin Lutz, Creative Director, STRONG Fitness Magazine
– Kirstyn Brown, Editor in Chief, STRONG Fitness Magazine
– Elisabetta Rogiani, Owner,
and more special guests to be announced!


As part of attending FITposium, all attendees of the conference will have the opportunity to audition for a variety of real world projects including, but not limited to:
– Cover and Interior Features with Max Sports & Fitness Magazine
– Interior Features with Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine
– Interior Features with Scottsdale Health Magazine
– Interior Features with Fitness Magazine (SA)
– Interior Feature with STRONG Fitness Magazine
– Interior Feature with D’FYNE Fitness Magazine
– Ad Campaign for Fine Swimwear
– Ad Campaign for Affitnity Apparel
– Ad Campaign for Rogiani Apparel
– Spokesperson for Muscle With A Motor
– Editor in Chief Position with FITposium U


Here are some of the topics that will be covered at FITposium 2017.
– How to market yourself as a model and actor
– How to blog for profit
– How to create great online content
– How to build a brand friendly social media
– How to start your own business as a fitness entrepreneur
– How to build a successful portfolio
– How to market to magazines and get published
– How to have success outside of competing
– How to start an online business
– How to build a brick and mortar business
– How to develop online lead generating tools
– How to build and scale a successful business
– How to transform your brand to changes in the industry
– How to stand out online
– How to negotiate contracts leveraging social media
and much more!

FITposium has become more than just an annual educational event filled with unparalleled information and opportunities, it has become a community, a tribe, a family of likeminded individuals who connect and reach new levels together.

On behalf of myself and the entire FITposium team – we truly hope you join our family this October. Registration is open now at

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto