Getting signed to an agency is not particularly easy. Being picked up by a magazine is also difficult. The same could be said for booking a commercial project or finally reaching a decision maker in attempt to establish a working relationship.

These tasks are purposely arduous. If they were not, the actions would be commonplace, simple, expected and all around not special. The achievements all have barriers for entry.

Successful talents are persistent in finding unique and innovative methods for, not necessarily overcoming but, navigating through these obstacles. They do the work to get noticed by the editor, agent, casting director and decision maker.

What makes this works additionally challenging is that it is unchartered. The paths these talents take are not identical but each slightly unique in their own way.

Buying your way onto a magazine cover is not special and no one will care about the falsified accomplishment.

Working your way into getting noticed however, that is worth all of our attention and how one is to surpass these barriers.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto