Earlier this year I had a very unfortunately interaction with a self-proclaimed publicist who was insulted that I would not photograph one of her clients for free. She was evidently so distraught and offended that this is my job that she took to my Facebook page posting how about rude I was (for not wanting to work for free) and so on.

I chose not to respond to the online attack but I also chose not to delete the post. The reality is that I have nothing to hide – and if she chooses to display herself this way publicly – then so be it. Such posts hurt her more than myself. But I never heard of or from this person again until…

Flash forward eight months.

A national publication I work with received a message last week from this very same publicist pitching her latest fitness model client. Yet she will not get a press booking from this magazine – nor will she even receive a response.

She does not need to know I work for the publication as there is nothing to prove or gain by trying to explain that her know that her lack of professionalism eight months ago is negatively impacting her business today.

The real query about this situation and what she must truly evaluate is how many other bridges has she forever burned? How many other magazines aside from those I work with will never consider using her services? And how much longer will she be able to run her business if this is a common trend?

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto